The Manchester Chambers Party, Saturday August 19th

The Manchester Chambers Party, Saturday August 19th…


It’s our Party at The Manchester Chambers, tomorrow night. I have been very naughty and lax and, despite promoting away on Twitter, have not blogged about it on here; better late than never and all that, though, wouldn’t you agree?

Those of you who have attended our parties before will already know what to expect. For you first-timers or those who want to attend this kind of party but are too nervous or shy, I have compiled an Info List. And here it is….

  • Address: The Manchester Chambers, Turner Lane, Ashton-Under-Lyne, OL6 8LP. You’ll see The Junction Inn on your left – walk past it and you will soon discover where the debauchery is taking place.
  • The Venue: A stunningly furnished, fully-equipped Dungeon, set over two floors. There is a courtyard/smoking area too.
  • Time: 8pm-late
  • Dress Code: We do not subscribe to enforced dress codes. Please come as you are, whether it’s latex, leather, suit, lingerie, twin-set and pearls, maid’s outfit, sissy girl fluffiness, or LBD. We do have a NO FULL NUDITY policy, so please bear that in mind.
  • Entry Fee: £20 Singles, £30 Couples, to be paid on the door.
  • Licensed Bar. No drugs will be permitted on or around the grounds.
  • Entertainment: There will be different genres of music played throughout the night in the various rooms. The jaw-droppingly gorgeous Jynx Monster will be performing two of her fetish acts and there will be demos, too.
  • Etiquette: Please respect all other guests. “No” means exactly that. Anyone found being disrespectful to other guests, misusing the property or any of its equipment, WILL be asked to leave.
  • House Slaves: We have a team of House Slaves to cater to your needs. Whether it’s your latex that needs a good shining or you want a foot massage, they are on it!
  • Newbies: Please find me, Mistress Arabella, or one of our dedicated team of House Slaves, and let us know that it is your first time (or you can call either of us before The Event). Your enjoyment of The Event is our primary concern and we will always take the time to show you around the Dungeon and facilities and answer any questions. We have all been new at some point and I guarantee you this – everyone is so welcoming and friendly, you will be at ease the moment you walk through our doors. There is no obligation for you to do anything and all our guests will respect that, so you can either sit back and watch or join in.
  • What To Expect: A Kinky Party, Goddesses galore, lots of play and lots of fun!

I hope that the above answers any questions you may have had; if I have omitted anything, please do let me know. Introduce yourself to me and I may give you a Chupa Chup Lolly for being so brave :-*

Endless Smiles,