Testicle Tuesday with Mistress Islya

Testicle Tuesday with Mistress Islya

Testicle Tuesday with Mistress Islya is here and Good Morning Losers.

Its Tuesday so that can only mean one thing…testicles…..obviously.

Here at The Manchester Chambers we all delight in a good ball busting session. Nothing is more fun than watching a slave wince after a good hard, solid kick in his testicles.

Personally I like any form of testicle torture from pegs to clamps, ask any mistress we all like to see how many pegs we can get on our useless slaves ball sacks. and then delight at watching their eyes water as we very slowly pull them off one by one…Or putting your useless sacks in a clamp and squeezing them till they nearly burst…. that’s also quite entertaining.  Makes me chuckle anyway. Or maybe… just maybe your thing is hot candle wax being dripped all over your manhood – I use the term manhood loosely as i doubt a real man would be reading this blog.

After all you only visit for your sheer enjoyment of entertaining and amusing your mistress… don’t you…lol

So if you happen to be feeling a burning desire to have your tiny testicles tortured and tickled to let release some much built up tension….

Well you know what to do….. don’t you.

And one more thing before i signout, some slaves seem to have trouble pronouncing my name, so im going to be nice to you and spell it out for you, the first slave who telephones me for a booking and actually says it right…. well… im going to give them something in return. Who knows what as even I dont know yet… kind of depends on my mood lol… whether im feeling generous or not as the case may be….

so here goes… Eye -la.

see thats not that hard is it, good luck Miscreants.

You may respectfully contact me on my details below for bookings.

Mistress Islya




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