Sounds and The Awakening of The Kundalini

Sounds and The Awakening of The Kundalini


This blog post is about a session that I conducted recently. The brief was simple enough; the client wanted to experience my flogging, my relaxing talon massage, some titty twisting, an anal probing, and a crescendo of sounds. I do love it when a client and I share mutual interests. The following was played out over a Kinky Spa All-Nighter.

We started the night off with dinner, no rushing. I took my leave and went upstairs to my room to get changed into my pristine white spa outfit and shiny black skyscraper heels, hair pinned up in a loose bun. My client had called me in for some alternative holistic treatments; previous treatments he’d had had worked to a certain degree but he needed something intense and erotic in an Eastern way to elevate him to that headspace and high that we all dream of.

I decided that a preliminary flogging was necessary to start getting him used to the strange sensations he was about to experience, and also to my way of doing things; no point in putting him into shock straight away, was there? I put on my favourite music and instructed him to remove just his shirt and turn around. Standing back and assessing my aim, I swished my flogger around and around above my head so I could hear that beautiful sound and went for a test run. He winced; perfect. I started off lightly, gently brushing his skin with each stroke as I made my way up and down his back and patiently started increasing the intensity. Swish, swish, swish. Turn around, I ordered, and started on his torso, paying particular attention to his enormous, stiff nipples. Now this is someone who claims he can take a lot of pain, and it was a bit surprising when he started screaming for mercy. This made me laugh uncontrollably and I gave him a couple more strokes for fun, happy in the knowledge that I’d discovered at least one weak spot already.

Next – my famous Freddy Krueger Massage. This comes in a variety of levels, from a relaxing, no-marks scratching with my natural and sharp talons, all the way up to drawing blood with a blade and making your body look like you lost a duel with Wolverine. Straddling his back, I whispered secrets into his ear as I ran my nails up and down and side to side, making pretty patterns with my claws. This was just as relaxing for me as it was for him as I watched him melt into a deeply euphoric state, preparing him for the addictive pleasure to come.

I mentioned earlier that my client is a bit of a show-off in that he thinks he knows no pain, and also that he has the most huge nipples I’ve seen ever, on a male *or* female, so it was a very natural thought to put nipple clamps on him when I allowed him to get back on his sofa and tugged gently at the chain, occasionally pulling it with my teeth and gazing into his eyes as I sat on his lap. Oh, he was as smug as a smug thing that’s just graduated from The University of Smug, Smugsville, Arizona. It doesn’t hurt, you say? Ok, let’s see how you feel when I pull these clamps off you all of a sudden and give your nipples a good rub and squeeze. Nothing, just that smug smile. I pushed him back and bit on those nipples like my life depended on it; a-ha, I saw a grimace on that face and suddenly it became a battle of wills. Here’s a little something for you to know; I didn’t come into prodomming because I thought it an easy way to make some dollah – I quit a well-paid job to do this because it’s been in my blood and thoughts since I was I was three years old, and my time is now. For me it’s all about the power and direction of energy. One of my favourite things to do is to direct all my force into one area, sort of how all the body weight is concentrated into the heels of skyscraper stilettos when one is standing up. I summoned all my strength into the forefinger and thumb of both hands and twisted those stiff nipples almost 360 degrees, whilst pulling them outwards and the scream that escaped my antagonist’s mouth made me so happy that I couldn’t help but laugh hard and congratulate myself on a mission accomplished.

I jumped off him, giving him a quick rub for extra giggles, and instructed him to help me into my strap-on. I swore once that I would never do anal play but it’s so much fun, isn’t it? Relaxing into the sofa, I instructed my client to crawl over on all fours and give my big stiff cock a good sucking. Awwww, Babigurl, lick the tip. Oooooh, good GIRL, that’s right, you really know how to suck my cock, don’t you? Mmmmm, take it in a little deeper. And deeper, nice and slowly, all the way down and all the way up and again and again. If you concentrate hard, you’ll be able to take it in right down the back of your throat….. I ran my fingers over her head as she gave me the most delicious blow job I’ve had in a long time. Babigurls are best when their lips are wrapped around the base of my tumescence.. And this Babigurl certainly knew what she was doing.

By now, I was dying to fuck my Babigurl hard. Get me my lube, Babigurl. Turn around…. I put on my black rubber gloves and poured plenty of lube into my hands. This isn’t going to hurt, I told her – the world’s number one lie. Of course it was going to hurt, but only for a moment. I poured the sticky liquid all over Babigurl’s peachy bottom and then started preparing her; first one finger sliding in and out, then another, then a third. I heard moans; I cannot be sure whether they were of dread or joy but when I slipped the full length of my cock ever so gently, inch by inch, into that twitching little arsehole, she screamed when it hit that cluster of nerve endings, giver of the most excruciating and pleasurable pain. Once bypassed, she took her right royal rogering like a good girl. I’m a bit of a selfish Diva, and I like to be fucked, too – I don’t see why I should be doing all the hard work all of the time – and I pulled out of her and lay on my back. Come here, I beckoned her over, I want you to sit on my cock. Like a good girl, she complied, and straddled me, sliding down until she got to the base. Oh, she rode my dick like dicks were going out of fashion, making strange noises and even stranger facial expressions.

This, of course, was still all foreplay. The Final Act was to be sounds. I love sounding – for me, it’s the precision, the deliberation, the intimacy, the trust between two people, the whoop I scream out when gravity does it’s work, and the high that it gives me. I like to feed that high to my clients as a treat for being a good sport.

I only ever use my own sounds, a gift from a dear friend, and let Dr Karishma take over. She is very clinical, thorough, and hygienic. Hair tied back, surgical mask and gloves on, always. She only speaks to explain what she is going to do and to check your understanding. Happy?, she will ask you, and then she gets on with her task. The rest of the time, she speaks only with her eyes.

Dr had already sterilized the sounds and they were laid out in order for her. She picked up the baby one, handling it in a mesmerizing manner, running her hands up and down it delicately whilst staring at the client, cocking her head to one side and allowing the menacingly erotic music to be the only aural stimulation. She helped herself to lubricant  and made a great show of running the sound through her dripping hand, making sure every millimeter was covered. The client could not see her engaging smile behind her mask but he *could* see the glint in her eyes and he held his breath as he waited to see what would happen next. The Dr took hold of the client’s erection with her left hand,  and held it steady whilst she slightly parted the glistening hole at the at top and placed the hook of the sound on top of it, with the right  I cannot tell you how slowly she turned that hooked end whilst allowing it to enter the client, who was capable only of heavy breathing at this point. Slowly stretching, slowly descending, slowly turning, she allowed the sound to guide her; it took a while for that first one but when gravity took over, wow, it slid into place she let out her infectious laugh and the client moaned. That was the beginning. She held the top hook of the instrument and started feeling around gently; she knew she’d hit the spot when the client suddenly gasped and she massaged and massaged until he was ready for the next one. Sound 2 just sank in straight away, a deeper massage for the lucky client.

Dr Karishma spent maybe five minutes with each sound, having hoped to work through all eight but the client had been unstretched for many years and she didn’t want to tax him. She decided to give him a special treat with Number 5. Once that was in place, she removed her mask and grasped the top hook in between her teeth. She swayed her hips as she moved that sound up and down teasingly with her mouth, her dark red lips became swollen and she stared more deeply into the client’s eyes, willing him on to his crescendo. The client was later to describe this as “having fellatio from the inside”.

Time for a treat for my client *and* myself. How could I not reward such great behaviour?

I sat up and allowed my client to massage my back, neck and shoulders whilst. He was instructed to massage the base of my spine with his knuckles and this is my test for all my submissives – the ones who are for me are those that I connect with on a deeply emotional, spiritual, and mental level. I get no joy from a lack of emotional attachment and I am a fussy, fickle bitch. I have all the time in the world and am happy to wait. The massage at the base of the spine will either unlock the power of my Kundalini or it won’t; easy enough. If you are one of the few lucky men who can unlock your prize, I guarantee you immense pleasure.

My client was back in touch the next day, with a request for a very hardcore and bloody session which turned out to be a great hoot. I can do Pretty Woman, I can do Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I’ll be blogging about that episode in the next couple of days.

Music throughout the session provided courtesy of Hocico, Alien Vampires, Combichrist, Amduscia, and various other dark Industrial bands.

If you would like to experience any of the above, or anything else that excites you, please contact me via direct call or email. I love to experiment and am always on the hunt for creative Players. Calls should be kept to a minimum and you are to address me as you would address anyone you wanted to make a good impression upon. I require key words only or a sketch scenario and any questions that you may have, along with all relevant dates, times, etc. in your call or email. Anything that you remember to forget to ask – you will have an opportunity to raise during your initial consultation.

Contact details and link to my social media are below. By now, I would hope that you have a good idea of our compatibility and I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Endless Smiles,