Stop My Madness

Stop My Madness

Hello My Fellow Deviants,

How are you all today?

It’s the middle of the night and I’m wide awake, intense euphoria flooding my veins as I reflect upon the magical events of the last week. First of all, I would like to thank those of you who put a big smile on my face with your surprise gifts – what a charming gesture and such beautifully executed etiquette. I love a surprise that makes my day and I respect a man who can surprise, amaze, and amuse me as, after all, what other purpose in life does he have? It doesn’t take much to keep me happy; whilst I must confess a slight addiction to the finer things in life, I whoop with just as much joy upon finding a pound coin down the back of the sofa as I do when I get whisked away on holiday to Brunate. The trick is to pay attention to detail and read cues.

Thank you also, from the bottom of my dark heart, to the Mistresses Arabella, Islya, and Felix, for your support and faith in me. You have made my transition from private domming to professional domming so enjoyable, seamless, and fun.

I had a great time at the party at Manchester Chambers on Saturday. Like the last one, a great gathering of alternative, gorgeous people who love to have fun. My night was a mixture of flouncing around looking sweet and innocent in my shiny black Liberation rubber outfit (heeled in my Persephone Doc Martens for added cuteness), DJing, chit-chatting lots, double-domming with Mistress Arabella (recipient called me earlier this evening to keep me up to date with the “impressive” bruising), contemplating the meaning of life with Cameron, forgetting I had someone on the naughty step, and being Official Photographer for the Collaring Ceremony of SubZero by Mistress Arabella. What a privilege it was to be there. Mistress Arabella looked superstunning in her couture cherry red and black rubber catsuit (picture on the left) exuding more than just a hint of Amazonian Goddess Realness. Mistress Islya looked sizzling hot in her black rubber ensemble, God I wanted to squeeze her all night. The girls on door and bar duties were as professional as always and joined in all the naughtiness later. What went on? Well, whatever happens at Manchester Chambers stays at Manchester Chambers so you’ll just have to come to the next Party and find out for yourselves.

So…Stop My Madness. I have a very dark side. Luckily, I have always had the freedom to express myself and I embrace and bask in my darkness. It’s in my blood and I have tried many times to change and suppress it but when one is born that way, what can one do? Other people could see I was a Domme decades before I ever would and Fate worked slowly and steadily, giving me circumstances and experiences to learn the art of BDSM. It still is, I learn new things every day and my desire for learning and improving myself will never end.

What I know, without a shadow of a doubt, is that I live on the edge and I love my play edgy. Now by “edgy”, I’m talking about a state of mind and not the actual activities, for an erotic exchange of long eye contact during foot worship can be just as intoxicating as scaring the living daylights out of a man. I’m not bothered, I just need to have my head in Domme Space. Come and play with me. I’m part Morticia, part Monica Bellucci, part Countess Bathory and part Rekha. I will put on my music and make your head spin with my teasing, taunting and torturing. And you, you will stop my madness. Contact details below.

Endless smiles,

Mistress Karishma,