Mistress Pomf

"Mistress Pomf is without a doubt one of the most commanding and powerful Mistresses. She has a quiet grace to her commands that demonstrate Her total belief that She rules. When a command is said without any “effect” added, it feels so much more like a matter of fact command. No pretender is required, She is in charge and you’ll be grateful of it."


I am American professional dominatrix Mistress Pomf. With divine features, a voice like velvet that simultaneously soothes, titillates, and claws into you, and a mind trained in the art of domination, I’ll leave you floating in the ecstasy of submission...


I delight in giving physical punishments to My pain sluts, but My greatest enjoyment is derived from My expertise in the art of humiliation and mindfucking. My style is unpredictable, ranging from brilliant verbals to the eerie power of silence. I am often described as a sadist with the dirtiest laugh and most devilish smile. I have a wide range of kinks and fetishes, so don’t hesitate to inquire if I offer something - including Hardsport, Cuckolding and Forced Bi. 

I pride Myself on being highly creative – so any session I create,  will always have My unique signature on it. If I grant you a session, I am not just giving you an hour of My time, I am giving you an experience that you will cherish until your final days.

I was born to be a Dominatrix. To breathe My Creativity into each play. Surrender to Me, enter My realm, and be freed from the boredom of your tragic world…

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