Mistress Foxx

I am Manchester Mistress Foxx, a Manchester based Dominatrix.

My reasons for being a Domme are quite simple –

I enjoy the control, I get off on the power I hold over your mind and body and relish in the moments of pushing you to the edge of pleasure and pain, over and over again. Simple and to the point.

I came into the Pro Domme world from Lifestyle events and I can still be found at many Manchester/North West fetish occasions.

I am a Tattooed, Pierced, Alternative, Rock chick but with a penchant for high heeled Stilettos, Make up and the finer things in life. I am a Domme and a Mistress through and through, it’s simply who I am. I live and breath it, from the Latex I wear on ‘Vanilla’ nights out, to the respect I demand in everyday life.  My passion is BDSM &
Fetish and it plays a huge part of My life.  Don’t be surprised if you come to My house and receive a cane stroke for leaving the toilet seat up.  This is My lifestyle which I live 24 hours a day, and it is a pleasure to bring that passion to clients.

I consider myself unique in my style of Domination. I command with a smile. I enjoy myself. I enjoy your submission. I enjoy the sensuality a Dominant/submissive moment holds. Bare in mind, If you ask Me for something, you will get it. If you want to have your balls gently tapped by My feet do not ask Me for Ball Busting, If you want to be tickled with a Cane or Flog do not ask to be hit with it or you may get far worse than what you asked for. I am an experienced Manchester Mistress & My style is quite harsh, I take no messing but if you require a more softer sensual session then tell Me, otherwise I may get carried away.

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