Mistress Nurse Nadia at The Manchester Chambers

Mistress Nurse Nadia at The Manchester Chambers

Hello there my naughty patients this is a little introduction from Your Mistress, Mistress Nurse Nadia at The Manchester Chambers.

I have been a Nurse for over a decade and my knowledge and skills have always been of a medical nature, there has always been that mischievous urge to push the boundaries of my patients and having had some fun on the side behind the curtains with them it still hasn’t satisfied my desire to excel in my sexy sadistic side, some of these patients were really very poorly and don’t think it would of gone down well with the medical authorities hahaha.

I am currently taking on new patients so if you are fit and well but require a medical from your Mistress Nurse Nadia at The Manchester Chambers then you may respectfully contact me on the details below.

I cover a whole range of medical procedures some of which include, enemas, needle play, saline play and much much more..You can email me requests and if I feel you are a suitable candidate then we can discuss a way forward. Please do not waste my time, Mistress Nurse Nadia, on silly requests that I just will not entertain.

My availability at The Manchester Chambers are Monday to Sunday from 10am until late, a deposit is preferable for weekend appointments but something we can discuss.

Mistress Nurse Nadia


07565 732 352