Mistress Islya’s Tease and Denial

Mistress Islya’s Tease and Denial

Mistress Islya’s tease and denial.Good Evening my loyal followers and subservients. I have so much I want to tell you about tonight but not enough time to do it, as im already playing catch up.

As you can see by the title this blog is all about tease and denial  One evening last week I recieved a phone call from a sub who was in town for the evening and would like to book a session last minute. I had retired for the evening and I was irritated that he had rang me so late. However his northern accent accompanied by a hint of mischief in his voice drew me in, I could sense some kind of connection. I was intrigued by him so I agreed to the session..

Upon arrival He had requested to be stripped naked, collared and ball gagged so I was only too willing to ablige. I do like it when a sub cant speak and the only line of communictaion we have is through eye contact. I attached the lead and dragged him up the stairs with strict instructions to not look up my skirt or he would pay a stiff penalty.

I lead him into the black upstairs chamber, then I cuffed him by his ankles and his wrists. He couldnt move….at this point he was very vulnerable restrained….. unable to speak….. Just the way I like it.

I looked him straight in the eyes as I began to take my irritation of his late booking out on his nipples and I have to say, I found it very erotic watching the pain in his eyes, I dont mind admitting I did feel myself getting slightly damp….

Im sharing this moment with you because the sub from this session asked me a question during our time together. After I removed his ball gag to worship my boots. And the question was…. Do I ever get arroused in a session….. So Im answering it here…yes of course I do…. Im only human….after all.

It was a fabulous session, I went home afterwards feeling somewhat alive.  I had to have some me time whilst replaying certain moments of the session in my head. Im not going to tell you anymore about this session as its mine and mine alone, for my bank not yours. If you would like to know more then book a session yourself and find out.

I will tell you that he messaged me later that evening and told me and I quote… That was a canny session -Thankyou. Now you know who you are dont you.

I will be in the Manchester Chambers tomorrow with Mistress Arabella and Mistress Karishma. We will be offering exclusive rates for doubles or even trebles if your feeling particularly brave.

You may respectfully contact me on the details below.

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