Mistress Islya at The Manchester Chambers

Mistress Islya at The Manchester Chambers

Good Evening my loyal followers and subservients. Well what a week we have had at The Manchester Chambers in Mistress Arabellas absence. However do not fear as Mistress Arabella’s imminent return next week beckons.

You will be able to see Mistress Arabella, as well as Mistress Karishma and myself Mistress Islya, at the kinky party on the 17th June so why dont you save that date in your diaries.

As always lots of mistresses will be attending the event and after the success of our last party you really dont want to miss out. Whether you are a dedicated kink party goer or a complete novice it is an ideal oportunity for you to meet like minded people, get acquianted with the chambers and see our fantastic facilities.

Entry is £20 on the door for a single ticket or £30 for 2 tickets. At the last event a few lucky slaves got to worship my feet. I have to give a special recognition to slave Cameron who excels in this area above anyone else…. Slaves you need to up your game, practice makes perfect haha. Mistress Arabella gave a fantastic demonstration of how caning should be done, I have it on good authority that those two slaves didn’t sit down for a week…. awwh….not! haha.

Now for an update on my week. Firstly let me assure you that just because i dont mention your session that does NOT mean i havent enjoyed it.  I enjoy all my sessions Im merely trying to write about different exploits each time.

So that leads me onto the one Im going to tell you about tonight.

This week a little sissy maid came to see me and i have to say that by the time she left her face was as red as his bottom with blushes…. You see it was the first time we had sessioned and going off her feedback definately not her last.

This dirty little slut had to be punished…. just had to be due to her confession….you see this dirty little whore told me or rather admitted to having dirty indecent thoughts about another man…..urghhhh  I hear you all react. disgusted arent you….. or maybe your not….. who knows. Although my maid – I can assure you is fully straight and happily married this seems to be a genuine fantasy for many of you out there and is what we refer to in the buisness as forced bi.

My sissymaid slave confessed to me that while he was in an escalator. (in vanilla attire and fully male), The doors opened and a rather attractive african looking man got in and stood next to him.  All my maid wanted to do was drop to his knees and take the mans cock in his mouth. Upon hearing this confession I obviously had to decide on the correct form of punishment.  I collected up five different paddles and two canes and fastened her down tightly to my spanking bench and she got her just deserts 20 strikes of each implement.

You see my sissy maid has this little fantasy about sucking a BIG black cock so I donned my black strapon and she sucked her mistresses black cock, quite an impressive deep throat she had too….

 Im sharing this because I want you to know that if this is your fantasy or your hearts deepest desire….We can make it reality, together. Why not bite the bullet and try it in this format and see how it can satisfy a burning desire. Just a little food for thought.

P S My sissy maid has messaged me every day since to thank me fo his stripes. Just Too Cute.

If you would like to book a session with me you may respectfully contact me on my details below.





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