Mistress Arabellas Question Time at The Manchester Chambers

Mistress Arabellas Question Time at The Manchester Chambers

2009-04-27-14-02-11As most of you are aware, myself, Mistress Arabella gave the opportunity for you to get in touch and ask me questions to answer on the blog, as you can imagine being Mistress Arabella, naturally I have been inundated knowing that this is a rare opportunity for me to give. I will try and answer them as quickly as I can but may take a period of time to get through them all. In no particular order, there was one email  that sparked my interest as this is something closer to the reality of the fantasies that many of you either live out or dream about. I will now explain my personal opinions and some interesting facts, this is for the anonymous emailer.

We all have fantasies, some stranger than others or so you think, each to their own in my opinion. How would you know what it was like to have a session with a Mistress if you have never just gone ahead and booked that one on one time.  If you feel that this would be a detriment to your health or may make you feel somewhat guilty then you are indulging for the wrong reasons.

My advice, Mistress Arabella, if this is just a subconscious thought that only rises to the fore front of your mind whilst in the heat of the moment then maybe it is best left as a fantasy. As consenting adults we are very aware that being led into that subspace is ecstasy right to the very end, ‘La Petite Mort’, then doesn’t cross your mind until we are there again. That is OK for the brave that have visited Mistresses already or is thinking about it or even indulges once in a while. If those submissive or kinky feelings are genuinely playing on your mind without any or little prompt of arousal then why not take that chance.

As a rule, with the guidance of your input, Mistresses are the superior one that guide the sessions and makes the decisions as to what is going to happen to you during that session. I personally feel it is imperative that you do your research upon each and every Mistress you see and if you find the right one to build a rapport with then happy days, trust is detrimental between yourself and the Mistress.

The reality of a DOM/sub relationship is, neither is sub or DOM it is actually an equal role, that being said does not mean that you get to bend a Mistress over the bench and give her a jolly good spanking, it just means that unless requested nothing is to be done against your will. On the contrary there are people out there that have a fantasy of being made to do things against there will, its all psychology and an experienced and good Mistress will know this and how to deal with it.

Some Mistresses can come across with a bolshy attitude which in turn doesn’t help your novice minds, more experienced Mistresses can usually separate and deal with the wheat from the chaff, in other words Mistresses have to put up with a lot of time wasting idiots.

To help the Mistress know that you are not a time wasting idiot, do not send emails as long as your arm, we are human, we are too busy to be sitting reading and replying to your ridiculously long email, make it short and sweet, make your booking and have a discussion prior to your session. Once the chosen Mistress of your choice is comfortable and happy with your requests then that is something between yourselves that you can discuss further provided she knows your not that time wasting idiot.

Mistress tributes are usually not found on her website as that is between herself and the submissive. For novices, yes I am sure Mistresses are happy to do taster sessions but again time and tribute is to be discussed with her. Novices are also very welcome to our event with SinNation, However, if it is difficult for you to purchase your ticket online then you may call me, Mistress Arabella on the number below with your name, and you can pay on the door providing you bring i.d so I know who you are, all of which will be confidential between yourself and I, Mistress Arabella as this is a private event.

So, its now getting late in the afternoon and it is that time where your Mistress, Mistress Arabella bids you goodbye until next time. I have enjoyed reading your emails and as I said I will get through them but understand Mistress Arabella rarely gets chance to blog with being busy in real time sessions. I am available at The Manchester Chambers Monday to Friday 10am until late, latenights and overnights are available.

I hope you have enjoyed reading Mistress Arabellas Question Time at The Manchester Chambers as much as I have.


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