Manchester Mistress Mistress Lola


Manchester Mistress Mistress Lola

MISTRESS LOLA MANCHESTERI am professional Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Lola, a petite pin-up beauty with a nasty dominant streak and a penchant for punishing slaves, submissives, sluts, sissies and all manner of perverts inbetween!

You may well be attracted to My vintage style of beauty, My diminutive stature and youthful looks, but you would be stupid to be deceived by them. I am well-educated, highly intelligent and have plenty of experience in BDSM. I use both My intellect and experience to get inside your head and gain complete power and control over you. I know exactly how to wrap any man around My little finger, and make them grateful for the privilege.

BDSM is My passion, and I love to play with slaves of all experience levels. If you are a nervous novice I will delight in introducing you to domination gently and training you up to be one of My prized slaves. If you are an experienced devotee, I will take great pleasure in adding My own twist on your well-honed fantasies by using My deliciously kinky imagination.

My interests are wide and varied, ranging from gentle tie and tease right through to more hard-core and ‘bizarre’ scenarios. I am somewhat selective with My slaves and will only see those whose interests appeal to Me, so you can rest assured that should I allow you to serve Me I will be enjoying Myself just as much as you, if not more!

I am a sophisticated Goddess and I expect to be treated as such. This is not an act I put on in session. I wear 5 inch stilettos to run errands and wouldn’t be seen dead without My retro winged eyeliner and bright red lipstick. I truly live a glamorous lifestyle 24/7 which requires a lot of time and upkeep, and I cherish the slaves who work hard to make My life so much easier and more enjoyable. But be warned, even though being one of My chosen servants is a very rewarding position, it is also very demanding. I do not take defiance lightly and whilst I am a very desirable Woman, I am equally as cruel.

I am both the Bitch in your worst nightmares and the Woman you have always dreamed of… Sensual, sadistic and utterly addictive, session with Me and prepare to have your wildest fantasies fulfilled, and your expectations exceeded…

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