Catch Up On Mistress Karishma’s Time At The Manchester Chambers

Catch Up On Mistress Karishma’s Time At The Manchester Chambers

Hello, Dear Readers,

I trust you are all well. Myself, I have been very busy with all sorts of things and a trip to London, too, and clearly have neglected my Blogging Duties.

It’s been a very intense couple of weeks and I have learned so much, met some amazing people, had great fun, and am feeling very lucky and grateful that fate and friends have led me to Mistress Arabella and her fabulous Manchester Chambers.

The Fire and Ice Party was amazing and it was lovely to meet some of you there. I’ve been to many parties and events and all I can say is that this party is the best I’ve been to, so far. The atmosphere and guests made me extremely comfortable, the entertainment was superb, demonstrations fantastic, and I must thank House Slave, Tiny Tim, for bringing me the best piece of the ridiculously fine chocolate cake. We have our next party coming up on June 17th and it’s going to be bigger and better, so I suggest you get your tickets without delay.

London was great fun, as always. Friends, clubbing, trying to stay out of trouble and failing, and a glorious finale in my Secret Garden Of Love.

I am very much enjoying my time at The Manchester Chambers and those who I have seen have been delightful and sweet. Thank you. It has been a pleasure to experience this side of the spectrum and some of the role plays you have been emailing me have been inspiring and much appreciated. I have enjoyed acting them out for you 🙂

What I’m waiting for now is contact from the Dark Side – those of you who like to play hard. Those of you who like an element of gothic horror and twisted romance in your scenes, have a very creative mind, are extremely intelligent and live in a headspace like mine, where the more warped that events become, the more normal they seem. Now I’m a very polite and sweet girl who covers her face and hides when watching a horror movie but put me in a scene with the right player and you will unleash the belly-dancing sadistic temptress that is Mistress Karishma, Mistress of Luck.

She is impervious to the charms and manipulations of men who use looks, money and mind tricks as distractions, she will not be fooled. She knows what you are thinking, she will coax out your fears without you even knowing and then use them against you whilst she laughs hard in amusement at the look of terror in your eyes.

I have experienced your kind before and therefore I know that you exist.

My availability is Monday-Friday, 10-6pm. I am happy to work outside of these hours if it is worth the experience. I await your contact eagerly and hope to hear from you soon.

Mistress Karishma