Posted by Mistress Karishma on June 26, 2017

Cuckolding of The Rubber Maid and His Subsequent Public Humiliation

Cuckolding of The Rubber Maid and His Subsequent Public Humiliation

Hello, Darling Readers,

How are you today? Good? Fair-to-middling? What have you naughty boys and girls been up to?

I have been trying to be a Good Girl and am failing miserably. The virus has infiltrated my mind, body, and soul and I am now at a point where everything is warped. I knew this the minute I saw my GP about town, the other day, and imagined what he’d look like dressed in a pink frock, little lacy ankle socks and a Shirley Temple wig.

I still keep thinking of the party at The Manchester Chambers, last week, and replaying the scenes in my head of Mistress Arabella and me trying to break our pain slut. We had her tied down and spread-eagled, strapped into place and ready to take some good cuts and stripes, that pert little bottom assuming the position a bit too eagerly. She lay her head down with the demeanor of a lady about to have a soothing massage. A bit complacent for my liking so I spent a very long time warming her up, luring her into that headspace, the purgatory to be suffered first but the rewards, enjoyable beyond words. I whispered into her ear exactly what I was going to do with her and that made her twitch with excitement even more. I told her that she was going to be a good girl and take everything I was going to give her and she was not going to make a sound and then Mistress Arabella was going to take over and make her head spin with pleasure that only the lucky ones in life ever experience. The pleasure only a true Goddess can give you a glimpse of.

We did our best, Mistress Arabella and I, to break her but the more we hurt her the more she moaned and begged for more. And we gave her more. And more. And more. Implements were destroyed and we took our beautiful little pain whore to a place where mere mortals can never go. It was very arousing to have an audience watching, I love to put on a show.

Anyway, look at me, thoughts wandering yet again. So, VictorianRubberMaidGate. Didn’t end well for him and really, he wouldn’t have been getting that punishment if he’d just done as he was told; to be a horse for the night and, at the club, if anyone spoke with him he was to answer with a “neigh”. More than one “neigh” was allowed if he had to speak more than one word. We had a test run and everything. The theme for the night was Teal Green Lipstick and Eyelash Extravaganza Realness and we had matching lips, outfits and nails so that we could blend into the background better. Me, tightlaced, hair in a high ponytail, eyes looking for mayhem and him, my darling Rubber Maid, looking like a befuddled Mrs Miggins From The Pie Shop.

Needless to say, he annoyed me in some way (whilst we were in the smoking area) so I dragged him by his two leads back onto the dancefloor and made him kneel in the middle of it while I danced circles around him, pulling hard on those chains. Occasionally, I gently hooked my finger around his nipple chain and give that a tug too.  The DJ even put on my favourite tracks to get me more in the mood. Oh, it was so much fun to shimmy around my Rubber Maid, telling him how disappointed I was with him and exactly why he as he stared glumly at the floor, all the creatures of the night dancing around us and me totally switched on. He says I cuckolded him, I beg to differ, when I started dancing with a topless, dusky and toned Romanian chap, half his age, who had very beautiful tattoos all over his smooth chest, plus a smile that would make any mortal woman drop to her knees, right in front of his face. I didn’t mean to have such a good time with my dance partner and I could have perhaps toned down my bellydancing a bit and not had so much bodily contact but hindsight and all. I think I can see where he was coming from.

I stayed with my dance partner for the rest of the night and danced until 7.30am. I love it when I leave the club and walk out into a glorious day and this day was glorious as could be. Nice and bright and Rubber Maid gleamed in the sunlight. “Shall we go home now, Maitresse?”, he asked. No, not yet. I had to say goodbye to everybody and he was to wait by the car whilst I did so, I wouldn’t be long. Somehow I was persuaded to go to The Angel for coffee and only remembered Rubber Maid when he called to ask if I’d be much longer. Luckily, he’d parked his car opposite the pub so it was not far to walk.

On the way home (and I love that drive in the convertible, roof down, whizzing along past Euston then Paddington, up to Maida Vale, everyone staring at Rubber Maid. I always feel a bit like Penelope Pitstop even though I am nothing like her and can’t even drive), I was overwhelmed with a sudden urge to shrink wrap My Little Pony and feed him carrots so I asked Rubber Maid to stop at the 24hr Tesco on Edgware Road, slap bang in the middle of the Arab community. It was now maybe 9.30am “Come on, out you get”, I said, politely. He asked if he could stay in the car. I assured him that he was safe and that no one would say a word to him whilst I had him by my side on his chain. Secretly, I was hoping we would get into a fight. He fell over in his shiny 6″ platform dolly shoes as soon as he stepped out of the car, so embarrassing.

Oh, the staff at Tesco absolutely adored him. As did the small crowd of people that had gathered around his car. Carrots, clingfilm, orange juice and Prosecco bought, I had a hankering for some loose leaf green tea from one of the Middle Eastern shops. I don’t do teabags. We had to walk all along Edgware Road, looking for a shop that met with my liking. I don’t know why people were staring, maybe we didn’t look Lebanese enough. Rubber Maid’s feet started hurting so I thought it only fitting, as part of my Duty of Care, to head back to the car and go home so that he could serve me Prosecco, smoked salmon and fruit and then amuse me by lip syncing to True Blue by Madonna  and Billy Idol; White Wedding. This never fails to make me laugh and I am looking forward to cuckolding him properly, next time.

Have you got what it takes to be more amusing than Rubber Maid? Can you take more pain than you ever dreamed possible? Maybe both? If so, call or email (no texts), details below.

Endless smiles,

Mistress Karishma




Posted by Mistress Islya on June 23, 2017

Mistress Islya’s Tease and Denial

Mistress Islya’s Tease and Denial

Mistress Islya’s tease and denial.Good Evening my loyal followers and subservients. I have so much I want to tell you about tonight but not enough time to do it, as im already playing catch up.

As you can see by the title this blog is all about tease and denial  One evening last week I recieved a phone call from a sub who was in town for the evening and would like to book a session last minute. I had retired for the evening and I was irritated that he had rang me so late. However his northern accent accompanied by a hint of mischief in his voice drew me in, I could sense some kind of connection. I was intrigued by him so I agreed to the session..

Upon arrival He had requested to be stripped naked, collared and ball gagged so I was only too willing to ablige. I do like it when a sub cant speak and the only line of communictaion we have is through eye contact. I attached the lead and dragged him up the stairs with strict instructions to not look up my skirt or he would pay a stiff penalty.

I lead him into the black upstairs chamber, then I cuffed him by his ankles and his wrists. He couldnt move….at this point he was very vulnerable restrained….. unable to speak….. Just the way I like it.

I looked him straight in the eyes as I began to take my irritation of his late booking out on his nipples and I have to say, I found it very erotic watching the pain in his eyes, I dont mind admitting I did feel myself getting slightly damp….

Im sharing this moment with you because the sub from this session asked me a question during our time together. After I removed his ball gag to worship my boots. And the question was…. Do I ever get arroused in a session….. So Im answering it here…yes of course I do…. Im only human….after all.

It was a fabulous session, I went home afterwards feeling somewhat alive.  I had to have some me time whilst replaying certain moments of the session in my head. Im not going to tell you anymore about this session as its mine and mine alone, for my bank not yours. If you would like to know more then book a session yourself and find out.

I will tell you that he messaged me later that evening and told me and I quote… That was a canny session -Thankyou. Now you know who you are dont you.

I will be in the Manchester Chambers tomorrow with Mistress Arabella and Mistress Karishma. We will be offering exclusive rates for doubles or even trebles if your feeling particularly brave.

You may respectfully contact me on the details below.

Mistress Islya


Tel 07491 558622

Posted by Mistress Karishma on June 20, 2017

Stop My Madness

Stop My Madness

Hello My Fellow Deviants,

How are you all today?

It’s the middle of the night and I’m wide awake, intense euphoria flooding my veins as I reflect upon the magical events of the last week. First of all, I would like to thank those of you who put a big smile on my face with your surprise gifts – what a charming gesture and such beautifully executed etiquette. I love a surprise that makes my day and I respect a man who can surprise, amaze, and amuse me as, after all, what other purpose in life does he have? It doesn’t take much to keep me happy; whilst I must confess a slight addiction to the finer things in life, I whoop with just as much joy upon finding a pound coin down the back of the sofa as I do when I get whisked away on holiday to Brunate. The trick is to pay attention to detail and read cues.

Thank you also, from the bottom of my dark heart, to the Mistresses Arabella, Islya, and Felix, for your support and faith in me. You have made my transition from private domming to professional domming so enjoyable, seamless, and fun.

I had a great time at the party at Manchester Chambers on Saturday. Like the last one, a great gathering of alternative, gorgeous people who love to have fun. My night was a mixture of flouncing around looking sweet and innocent in my shiny black Liberation rubber outfit (heeled in my Persephone Doc Martens for added cuteness), DJing, chit-chatting lots, double-domming with Mistress Arabella (recipient called me earlier this evening to keep me up to date with the “impressive” bruising), contemplating the meaning of life with Cameron, forgetting I had someone on the naughty step, and being Official Photographer for the Collaring Ceremony of SubZero by Mistress Arabella. What a privilege it was to be there. Mistress Arabella looked superstunning in her couture cherry red and black rubber catsuit (picture on the left) exuding more than just a hint of Amazonian Goddess Realness. Mistress Islya looked sizzling hot in her black rubber ensemble, God I wanted to squeeze her all night. The girls on door and bar duties were as professional as always and joined in all the naughtiness later. What went on? Well, whatever happens at Manchester Chambers stays at Manchester Chambers so you’ll just have to come to the next Party and find out for yourselves.

So…Stop My Madness. I have a very dark side. Luckily, I have always had the freedom to express myself and I embrace and bask in my darkness. It’s in my blood and I have tried many times to change and suppress it but when one is born that way, what can one do? Other people could see I was a Domme decades before I ever would and Fate worked slowly and steadily, giving me circumstances and experiences to learn the art of BDSM. It still is, I learn new things every day and my desire for learning and improving myself will never end.

What I know, without a shadow of a doubt, is that I live on the edge and I love my play edgy. Now by “edgy”, I’m talking about a state of mind and not the actual activities, for an erotic exchange of long eye contact during foot worship can be just as intoxicating as scaring the living daylights out of a man. I’m not bothered, I just need to have my head in Domme Space. Come and play with me. I’m part Morticia, part Monica Bellucci, part Countess Bathory and part Rekha. I will put on my music and make your head spin with my teasing, taunting and torturing. And you, you will stop my madness. Contact details below.

Endless smiles,

Mistress Karishma,





Posted by Mistress Islya on June 15, 2017

The Kinky Event At The Manchester Chambers Saturday 17th June

The Kinky Event At The Manchester Chambers Saturday the 17th June

Good afternoon my faithful loyal subservients. Just a quick blog to remind you all that our event is only 48 hours away.

I do hope you all have your outfits ready as its nearly time to slip into them and slip into the Manchester Chambers for a night of kink and debauchery.

Mistress Arabella is back from her holiday. I can tell you that she is very eager to make her mark. Of course that means stripes on bottoms so line up slaves. If your lucky enough to be put over her spanking bench you too could leave with your stripes.

Of course if stripes are not your thing you can just watch while you see a pro in action and maybe learn a thing or two.

Must dash as I said its only a short blog in between sessions. I have a slave awaiting his fate locked in my cell. hmmm what to do with him next….. I will leave that kinky thought… Bet you wish it was you.

See you there.

Mistress Islya


Tel 07491558622

Posted by Mistress Lola on June 14, 2017

Double Domme Summer Sessions with Mistress Lola Ruin & Mistress Foxx…

Hello all,

A very quick announcement today to say that Myself and Mistress Foxx are now offering our infamous Double Domme sessions at a special rate throughout the month of June and July.

We are accepting Double Domme sessions every Monday and Wednesday.
For first time submissives, We are offering a 10% discount. Any subsequent sessions will receive a 20% discount.
As of August 1st, Our tribute will return to usual.

Our styles of Domination are different but complimentary to each other. I love to lull My submissives into a false sense of security with My playful and sensual style. Mistress Foxx relishes in quickly snapping you back to reality with Her exacting and strict Domination. You can imagine how this good cop/bad cop routine plays out in Our sessions… a total mind fuck for you, and immense amusement for Us!

Although Mistress Foxx and I have differing styles, We have one fundamental thing in common… We approach Our sessions with the aim of having fun (albeit occasionally at your expense!). Our enjoyment of co-topping is underpinned by Our friendship, which adds a particular dynamic to Our doubles.

Have ever fantasied about being at the mercy of a couple of close girlfriends? Amusing them, serving them and ultimately being a toy for their bitchy games? Then you no doubt already understand how such a dynamic can add a certain je ne sais quoi to play.

To enquire, get in touch with Me here. 

Until next time,

Mistress Lola

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