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Mistress Arabella at The Manchester Chambers and Our Latest Event Update

Mistress Arabella at The Manchester Chambers and Our Latest Event Update

Good Afternoon from your Mistress, Mistress Arabella at The Manchester Chambers. It has been a while since I have put hand to a blog..So here goes…Your Mistress, Mistress Arabella has had a very busy 12 months or so with refurbishing our play rooms, training our New Mistresses and building our Events which are held on a monthly basis, the 3rd Saturday of the month. Our next event is Saturday 21st October..KINKY Halloween Spectacular…Fancy dress is optionable doors open 8pm until late, There is 4 fabulous playrooms all of which are fully equipped, Tantalising Entertainment, Games, Live Demo’s hosted by our stunning Mistresses, complimentary candyfloss and Popcorn, Fully Licensed Bar, Hotpot and a vegetarian curry will be available to purchase. The Entry fee is £20pp or £30 for 2 people payable on the door, we are however expecting a very busy evening with it being Halloween so if you would like to secure your place then we do have a guest list available, contact details below. Look forward to meeting you.

Mistress Arabella is ready for you…You may now enter my lair of debauchery..Come in if you dare.

Mistress Arabellas New Availability at The Manchester Chambers:

Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm

Tuesday & Thursday 7.30pm – Midnight

Reduced Rate Double Domme Sessions Available, enquire within.

Mistress Arabella


07983 851 913

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The Manchester Chambers Party, Saturday August 19th

The Manchester Chambers Party, Saturday August 19th…


It’s our Party at The Manchester Chambers, tomorrow night. I have been very naughty and lax and, despite promoting away on Twitter, have not blogged about it on here; better late than never and all that, though, wouldn’t you agree?

Those of you who have attended our parties before will already know what to expect. For you first-timers or those who want to attend this kind of party but are too nervous or shy, I have compiled an Info List. And here it is….

  • Address: The Manchester Chambers, Turner Lane, Ashton-Under-Lyne, OL6 8LP. You’ll see The Junction Inn on your left – walk past it and you will soon discover where the debauchery is taking place.
  • The Venue: A stunningly furnished, fully-equipped Dungeon, set over two floors. There is a courtyard/smoking area too.
  • Time: 8pm-late
  • Dress Code: We do not subscribe to enforced dress codes. Please come as you are, whether it’s latex, leather, suit, lingerie, twin-set and pearls, maid’s outfit, sissy girl fluffiness, or LBD. We do have a NO FULL NUDITY policy, so please bear that in mind.
  • Entry Fee: £20 Singles, £30 Couples, to be paid on the door.
  • Licensed Bar. No drugs will be permitted on or around the grounds.
  • Entertainment: There will be different genres of music played throughout the night in the various rooms. The jaw-droppingly gorgeous Jynx Monster will be performing two of her fetish acts and there will be demos, too.
  • Etiquette: Please respect all other guests. “No” means exactly that. Anyone found being disrespectful to other guests, misusing the property or any of its equipment, WILL be asked to leave.
  • House Slaves: We have a team of House Slaves to cater to your needs. Whether it’s your latex that needs a good shining or you want a foot massage, they are on it!
  • Newbies: Please find me, Mistress Arabella, or one of our dedicated team of House Slaves, and let us know that it is your first time (or you can call either of us before The Event). Your enjoyment of The Event is our primary concern and we will always take the time to show you around the Dungeon and facilities and answer any questions. We have all been new at some point and I guarantee you this – everyone is so welcoming and friendly, you will be at ease the moment you walk through our doors. There is no obligation for you to do anything and all our guests will respect that, so you can either sit back and watch or join in.
  • What To Expect: A Kinky Party, Goddesses galore, lots of play and lots of fun!

I hope that the above answers any questions you may have had; if I have omitted anything, please do let me know. Introduce yourself to me and I may give you a Chupa Chup Lolly for being so brave :-*

Endless Smiles,






Posted by Mistress Karishma on August 8, 2017

Sounds and The Awakening of The Kundalini

Sounds and The Awakening of The Kundalini


This blog post is about a session that I conducted recently. The brief was simple enough; the client wanted to experience my flogging, my relaxing talon massage, some titty twisting, an anal probing, and a crescendo of sounds. I do love it when a client and I share mutual interests. The following was played out over a Kinky Spa All-Nighter.

We started the night off with dinner, no rushing. I took my leave and went upstairs to my room to get changed into my pristine white spa outfit and shiny black skyscraper heels, hair pinned up in a loose bun. My client had called me in for some alternative holistic treatments; previous treatments he’d had had worked to a certain degree but he needed something intense and erotic in an Eastern way to elevate him to that headspace and high that we all dream of.

I decided that a preliminary flogging was necessary to start getting him used to the strange sensations he was about to experience, and also to my way of doing things; no point in putting him into shock straight away, was there? I put on my favourite music and instructed him to remove just his shirt and turn around. Standing back and assessing my aim, I swished my flogger around and around above my head so I could hear that beautiful sound and went for a test run. He winced; perfect. I started off lightly, gently brushing his skin with each stroke as I made my way up and down his back and patiently started increasing the intensity. Swish, swish, swish. Turn around, I ordered, and started on his torso, paying particular attention to his enormous, stiff nipples. Now this is someone who claims he can take a lot of pain, and it was a bit surprising when he started screaming for mercy. This made me laugh uncontrollably and I gave him a couple more strokes for fun, happy in the knowledge that I’d discovered at least one weak spot already.

Next – my famous Freddy Krueger Massage. This comes in a variety of levels, from a relaxing, no-marks scratching with my natural and sharp talons, all the way up to drawing blood with a blade and making your body look like you lost a duel with Wolverine. Straddling his back, I whispered secrets into his ear as I ran my nails up and down and side to side, making pretty patterns with my claws. This was just as relaxing for me as it was for him as I watched him melt into a deeply euphoric state, preparing him for the addictive pleasure to come.

I mentioned earlier that my client is a bit of a show-off in that he thinks he knows no pain, and also that he has the most huge nipples I’ve seen ever, on a male *or* female, so it was a very natural thought to put nipple clamps on him when I allowed him to get back on his sofa and tugged gently at the chain, occasionally pulling it with my teeth and gazing into his eyes as I sat on his lap. Oh, he was as smug as a smug thing that’s just graduated from The University of Smug, Smugsville, Arizona. It doesn’t hurt, you say? Ok, let’s see how you feel when I pull these clamps off you all of a sudden and give your nipples a good rub and squeeze. Nothing, just that smug smile. I pushed him back and bit on those nipples like my life depended on it; a-ha, I saw a grimace on that face and suddenly it became a battle of wills. Here’s a little something for you to know; I didn’t come into prodomming because I thought it an easy way to make some dollah – I quit a well-paid job to do this because it’s been in my blood and thoughts since I was I was three years old, and my time is now. For me it’s all about the power and direction of energy. One of my favourite things to do is to direct all my force into one area, sort of how all the body weight is concentrated into the heels of skyscraper stilettos when one is standing up. I summoned all my strength into the forefinger and thumb of both hands and twisted those stiff nipples almost 360 degrees, whilst pulling them outwards and the scream that escaped my antagonist’s mouth made me so happy that I couldn’t help but laugh hard and congratulate myself on a mission accomplished.

I jumped off him, giving him a quick rub for extra giggles, and instructed him to help me into my strap-on. I swore once that I would never do anal play but it’s so much fun, isn’t it? Relaxing into the sofa, I instructed my client to crawl over on all fours and give my big stiff cock a good sucking. Awwww, Babigurl, lick the tip. Oooooh, good GIRL, that’s right, you really know how to suck my cock, don’t you? Mmmmm, take it in a little deeper. And deeper, nice and slowly, all the way down and all the way up and again and again. If you concentrate hard, you’ll be able to take it in right down the back of your throat….. I ran my fingers over her head as she gave me the most delicious blow job I’ve had in a long time. Babigurls are best when their lips are wrapped around the base of my tumescence.. And this Babigurl certainly knew what she was doing.

By now, I was dying to fuck my Babigurl hard. Get me my lube, Babigurl. Turn around…. I put on my black rubber gloves and poured plenty of lube into my hands. This isn’t going to hurt, I told her – the world’s number one lie. Of course it was going to hurt, but only for a moment. I poured the sticky liquid all over Babigurl’s peachy bottom and then started preparing her; first one finger sliding in and out, then another, then a third. I heard moans; I cannot be sure whether they were of dread or joy but when I slipped the full length of my cock ever so gently, inch by inch, into that twitching little arsehole, she screamed when it hit that cluster of nerve endings, giver of the most excruciating and pleasurable pain. Once bypassed, she took her right royal rogering like a good girl. I’m a bit of a selfish Diva, and I like to be fucked, too – I don’t see why I should be doing all the hard work all of the time – and I pulled out of her and lay on my back. Come here, I beckoned her over, I want you to sit on my cock. Like a good girl, she complied, and straddled me, sliding down until she got to the base. Oh, she rode my dick like dicks were going out of fashion, making strange noises and even stranger facial expressions.

This, of course, was still all foreplay. The Final Act was to be sounds. I love sounding – for me, it’s the precision, the deliberation, the intimacy, the trust between two people, the whoop I scream out when gravity does it’s work, and the high that it gives me. I like to feed that high to my clients as a treat for being a good sport.

I only ever use my own sounds, a gift from a dear friend, and let Dr Karishma take over. She is very clinical, thorough, and hygienic. Hair tied back, surgical mask and gloves on, always. She only speaks to explain what she is going to do and to check your understanding. Happy?, she will ask you, and then she gets on with her task. The rest of the time, she speaks only with her eyes.

Dr had already sterilized the sounds and they were laid out in order for her. She picked up the baby one, handling it in a mesmerizing manner, running her hands up and down it delicately whilst staring at the client, cocking her head to one side and allowing the menacingly erotic music to be the only aural stimulation. She helped herself to lubricant  and made a great show of running the sound through her dripping hand, making sure every millimeter was covered. The client could not see her engaging smile behind her mask but he *could* see the glint in her eyes and he held his breath as he waited to see what would happen next. The Dr took hold of the client’s erection with her left hand,  and held it steady whilst she slightly parted the glistening hole at the at top and placed the hook of the sound on top of it, with the right  I cannot tell you how slowly she turned that hooked end whilst allowing it to enter the client, who was capable only of heavy breathing at this point. Slowly stretching, slowly descending, slowly turning, she allowed the sound to guide her; it took a while for that first one but when gravity took over, wow, it slid into place she let out her infectious laugh and the client moaned. That was the beginning. She held the top hook of the instrument and started feeling around gently; she knew she’d hit the spot when the client suddenly gasped and she massaged and massaged until he was ready for the next one. Sound 2 just sank in straight away, a deeper massage for the lucky client.

Dr Karishma spent maybe five minutes with each sound, having hoped to work through all eight but the client had been unstretched for many years and she didn’t want to tax him. She decided to give him a special treat with Number 5. Once that was in place, she removed her mask and grasped the top hook in between her teeth. She swayed her hips as she moved that sound up and down teasingly with her mouth, her dark red lips became swollen and she stared more deeply into the client’s eyes, willing him on to his crescendo. The client was later to describe this as “having fellatio from the inside”.

Time for a treat for my client *and* myself. How could I not reward such great behaviour?

I sat up and allowed my client to massage my back, neck and shoulders whilst. He was instructed to massage the base of my spine with his knuckles and this is my test for all my submissives – the ones who are for me are those that I connect with on a deeply emotional, spiritual, and mental level. I get no joy from a lack of emotional attachment and I am a fussy, fickle bitch. I have all the time in the world and am happy to wait. The massage at the base of the spine will either unlock the power of my Kundalini or it won’t; easy enough. If you are one of the few lucky men who can unlock your prize, I guarantee you immense pleasure.

My client was back in touch the next day, with a request for a very hardcore and bloody session which turned out to be a great hoot. I can do Pretty Woman, I can do Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and I’ll be blogging about that episode in the next couple of days.

Music throughout the session provided courtesy of Hocico, Alien Vampires, Combichrist, Amduscia, and various other dark Industrial bands.

If you would like to experience any of the above, or anything else that excites you, please contact me via direct call or email. I love to experiment and am always on the hunt for creative Players. Calls should be kept to a minimum and you are to address me as you would address anyone you wanted to make a good impression upon. I require key words only or a sketch scenario and any questions that you may have, along with all relevant dates, times, etc. in your call or email. Anything that you remember to forget to ask – you will have an opportunity to raise during your initial consultation.

Contact details and link to my social media are below. By now, I would hope that you have a good idea of our compatibility and I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Endless Smiles,


















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Mistress Lola Ruin Experiences as a submissive…

Hello all,

Mistress Lola Ruin here!

As a little backstory to this blog, those of you who follow Me on twitter will have seen I have recently been the subject of harassment. I use recently as a loose term, as this person in question has been hounding Me for well over a year. He has contacted Me through My website, My niteflirt account, My email, and now Twitter. He has also tried to canvass over Dommes and even My submissives. The backstory is that I was briefly in discussion with him regarding a custom clip he wanted, with Me starring as a submissive. I turned him down, as what he wanted was well beyond My comfort limits. It has, however, inspired Me to write this. I thought you loyal readers may find it interesting to hear of My limited experience in your shoes.

Fresh faced, slightly intoxicated, and rocking some steampunk ropework…

I have never been a natural submissive. When I first discovered BDSM with My ex-partner in My early 20’s, he identified solely as submissive, and this suited Me perfectly. It allowed Me to really explore and develop My style as a Domme (which has continued to evolve throughout My career). One night, being the adventurous couple W/we were, we decided to attempt switching. He put My legs in a binder, tied My hands up and behind My head and slipped a blindfold on Me. 30 seconds later, if that, I safeworded. An overwhelming sense of claustrophobia struck Me. We didn’t ever try switching again.

My ex-partner and I parted ways a few years after that, and I began to explore My sexuality as a single person. I decided that I would try to avoid dating anyone who identified solely as submissive. Topping at both work and at home was burning Me out. As you can imagine though, when you are so open about being a Dominatrix, attracting partners who aren’t submissive can be somewhat difficult

I thought that perhaps I would try submission again, now a few years after My last attempt. I find shibari both artistic and relaxing, so I’ve quite enjoyed being tied up a few times. During My trip to Thailand last year I took part in a 6 hour long, meditative shibari session. Although good experiences, these were really lacking of any D/s dynamic.

I also dabbled with a couple of casual partners who indulged My desire to try subbing. I’ve probably tried it four or five times total. To be completely honest, I spent most occasions (silently) critiquing technique and comparing it to what I would do…! Sadly, it is difficult not to when you are submitting to someone much less experienced at Topping than you are.

My first attempt at suspension.

My desire to have a more successful, enjoyable attempt grew. You’ll often hear people categorise the submissives of Pro-Dommes as powerful, Type-A, business types, looking for release from their high pressure lives (although I’m of the opinion that the high tributes Us Dommes demand may well make that a biased sample!). My work was becoming more demanding each year. More and more men were submitting to My every whim and paying Me for the privilege. Psychologically, the idea of giving up control to someone else was becoming more and more attractive, as it was in stark contrast to the rest of My life. Like My type-A subs, I started to see such an experience as ‘freeing’.

Then last year I had a potential submissive contact Me asking for a ‘switch’ session, whereby I would sub to him for the first half, before getting My own back as a Top the second half. The activities he wanted to explore with Me as a submissive were all fairly soft and within My limits, so I agreed. It sounded like a fun session.

A little snap of My marks after My switch session…

Afterwards, I received an email from the same person, saying that he felt much more naturally Dom than he anticipated, and would I consider doing a purely submissive session. As I had already seen him in a switch capacity, and knew his style of Topping suited Me, I said yes. The prospect of exploring submission excited Me. We embarked on a lengthy email conversation, discussing each and every possible activity. I had to think long and hard about what I was willing to do, what I was willing to try, and what I absolutely would not do under any circumstances. His interests aligned perfectly with My limits, and I agreed to ‘tutor’ him in certain activities so he would know how to do it safely.

We embarked on a series of sessions with Me as the submissive. I was spanked and whipped. Given homework and cleaning tasks. I had hot wax poured over Me, and cold glasses of water thrown over Me. Bound with rope, I tried ‘predicament bondage’. I took the cane. My sessions as a submissive explored lots of other things too, but I won’t go into too much detail here out of respect and discretion for My Dom. Plus, I’d like to leave your imaginations running a little

Some of the shibari I did in Thailand…

I found a new understanding of what it was like to submit to someone without there being a more sexual aspect to it. It was an interesting experience, being paid to partake in a non-sexual, purely D/s relationship. There were times where I felt this wonderful urge to be good submissive and please My Dominant. There were also times where I found submitting very difficult. I felt somewhat conflicted about accepting payment for something which, at certain points, I did not enjoy. It seemed very much against My work ethos.

Our sessions eventually came to a mutual end. During O/our last session, I felt as though a boundary was crossed (albeit in a minor way). I safeworded, W/we discussed it, and he apologised profusely. Even so, this dampened My trust in My Top. Along with occasionally feeling conflicted about O/our sessions, after that incident I decided that I would likely turn down a future session if He asked for one, but he didn’t book in again after that anyway. I think by that point W/we had both gotten all that W/we could from O/our sessions together.

I never advertised that I was doing submissive sessions, and I still don’t. To Me, O/our dynamic felt like a one-off. We had spent so much time negotiating limits and that had built up a certain amount of trust between U/us. I also quite firmly believe that My low pain threshold generally makes Me an unsuitable professional submissive. Obviously submissives charge even more than Dominatrixes. I felt like the majority of those looking for a professional submissive would likely want to explore much harder activities than I am comfortable with.

Do I feel as though My few experiences as a submissive has made Me a better Top? Honestly… not really. I gained a little more understanding of Myself, and I gained a little bit of insight into what it is like for My submissives to visit Me, but I don’t believe you need to have been a submissive to be a good Domme. To My mind, what makes a great Domme more than experience as a submissive is empathy. When I am caning a submissive, I am doing so whilst reading their body language, checking in verbally if needed, imagining how it feels for them (and obviously enjoying Myself!). I rarely think back to when I took it Myself.

Being on the receiving end of the cane did not teach Me how to administer a caning either empathetically OR safely. Years of practise fuelled by enjoyment did.

Probably the most public display of submission you will ever see from Me… at the Spankathon Porn Protest in 2015

With regards to subbing in the future, I would still like to find someone I could explore submitting with on a personal, perhaps more sexual level. I’m adventurous, and I like experimenting. But, I imagine they would have to be pretty special for it to work judging by all My past experiences… I continue to be a very fussy submissive

Until next time,

Mistress Lola

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Cuckolding of The Rubber Maid and His Subsequent Public Humiliation

Cuckolding of The Rubber Maid and His Subsequent Public Humiliation

Hello, Darling Readers,

How are you today? Good? Fair-to-middling? What have you naughty boys and girls been up to?

I have been trying to be a Good Girl and am failing miserably. The virus has infiltrated my mind, body, and soul and I am now at a point where everything is warped. I knew this the minute I saw my GP about town, the other day, and imagined what he’d look like dressed in a pink frock, little lacy ankle socks and a Shirley Temple wig.

I still keep thinking of the party at The Manchester Chambers, last week, and replaying the scenes in my head of Mistress Arabella and me trying to break our pain slut. We had her tied down and spread-eagled, strapped into place and ready to take some good cuts and stripes, that pert little bottom assuming the position a bit too eagerly. She lay her head down with the demeanor of a lady about to have a soothing massage. A bit complacent for my liking so I spent a very long time warming her up, luring her into that headspace, the purgatory to be suffered first but the rewards, enjoyable beyond words. I whispered into her ear exactly what I was going to do with her and that made her twitch with excitement even more. I told her that she was going to be a good girl and take everything I was going to give her and she was not going to make a sound and then Mistress Arabella was going to take over and make her head spin with pleasure that only the lucky ones in life ever experience. The pleasure only a true Goddess can give you a glimpse of.

We did our best, Mistress Arabella and I, to break her but the more we hurt her the more she moaned and begged for more. And we gave her more. And more. And more. Implements were destroyed and we took our beautiful little pain whore to a place where mere mortals can never go. It was very arousing to have an audience watching, I love to put on a show.

Anyway, look at me, thoughts wandering yet again. So, VictorianRubberMaidGate. Didn’t end well for him and really, he wouldn’t have been getting that punishment if he’d just done as he was told; to be a horse for the night and, at the club, if anyone spoke with him he was to answer with a “neigh”. More than one “neigh” was allowed if he had to speak more than one word. We had a test run and everything. The theme for the night was Teal Green Lipstick and Eyelash Extravaganza Realness and we had matching lips, outfits and nails so that we could blend into the background better. Me, tightlaced, hair in a high ponytail, eyes looking for mayhem and him, my darling Rubber Maid, looking like a befuddled Mrs Miggins From The Pie Shop.

Needless to say, he annoyed me in some way (whilst we were in the smoking area) so I dragged him by his two leads back onto the dancefloor and made him kneel in the middle of it while I danced circles around him, pulling hard on those chains. Occasionally, I gently hooked my finger around his nipple chain and give that a tug too.  The DJ even put on my favourite tracks to get me more in the mood. Oh, it was so much fun to shimmy around my Rubber Maid, telling him how disappointed I was with him and exactly why he as he stared glumly at the floor, all the creatures of the night dancing around us and me totally switched on. He says I cuckolded him, I beg to differ, when I started dancing with a topless, dusky and toned Romanian chap, half his age, who had very beautiful tattoos all over his smooth chest, plus a smile that would make any mortal woman drop to her knees, right in front of his face. I didn’t mean to have such a good time with my dance partner and I could have perhaps toned down my bellydancing a bit and not had so much bodily contact but hindsight and all. I think I can see where he was coming from.

I stayed with my dance partner for the rest of the night and danced until 7.30am. I love it when I leave the club and walk out into a glorious day and this day was glorious as could be. Nice and bright and Rubber Maid gleamed in the sunlight. “Shall we go home now, Maitresse?”, he asked. No, not yet. I had to say goodbye to everybody and he was to wait by the car whilst I did so, I wouldn’t be long. Somehow I was persuaded to go to The Angel for coffee and only remembered Rubber Maid when he called to ask if I’d be much longer. Luckily, he’d parked his car opposite the pub so it was not far to walk.

On the way home (and I love that drive in the convertible, roof down, whizzing along past Euston then Paddington, up to Maida Vale, everyone staring at Rubber Maid. I always feel a bit like Penelope Pitstop even though I am nothing like her and can’t even drive), I was overwhelmed with a sudden urge to shrink wrap My Little Pony and feed him carrots so I asked Rubber Maid to stop at the 24hr Tesco on Edgware Road, slap bang in the middle of the Arab community. It was now maybe 9.30am “Come on, out you get”, I said, politely. He asked if he could stay in the car. I assured him that he was safe and that no one would say a word to him whilst I had him by my side on his chain. Secretly, I was hoping we would get into a fight. He fell over in his shiny 6″ platform dolly shoes as soon as he stepped out of the car, so embarrassing.

Oh, the staff at Tesco absolutely adored him. As did the small crowd of people that had gathered around his car. Carrots, clingfilm, orange juice and Prosecco bought, I had a hankering for some loose leaf green tea from one of the Middle Eastern shops. I don’t do teabags. We had to walk all along Edgware Road, looking for a shop that met with my liking. I don’t know why people were staring, maybe we didn’t look Lebanese enough. Rubber Maid’s feet started hurting so I thought it only fitting, as part of my Duty of Care, to head back to the car and go home so that he could serve me Prosecco, smoked salmon and fruit and then amuse me by lip syncing to True Blue by Madonna  and Billy Idol; White Wedding. This never fails to make me laugh and I am looking forward to cuckolding him properly, next time.

Have you got what it takes to be more amusing than Rubber Maid? Can you take more pain than you ever dreamed possible? Maybe both? If so, call or email (no texts), details below.

Endless smiles,

Mistress Karishma




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