Aug 292014

Good afternoon.

just a quick reminder that the chambers are open tomorrow. I will be available for sessions from 10.30 am  if you require a evening appointment please book before 5pm. Because Mistress is going out for Birthday drinks :) . I am available for sessions every Friday and Saturday for last minute bookings. And any other days by prior appointment. To book a session call  Me respectfully on the number below.

Mistress Isis x 07821 475 211 



Aug 282014

Come and see Mistress Violets Dirty Whore

Come and see Mistress Violets Dirty Whore

Come and see Mistress Violets Dirty Whore

So you would like to Come and see Mistress Violets Dirty Whore would you? She is a highly experienced come swallowing slut and is here to serve me on the 4th of September. You fancy a splash and dash and you’re dying to be relieved under my instruction, i can see it in your face, you’re feeling of uncertainty and yet longing to have your pathetic little cock pleasured by Vanessa the slut.

I’m going to make you feel unbelievably used for my entertainment, i’m going to torment you and laugh as i watch over you getting sucked by my cheap slut. I want to watch you as you enter the room, serve your purpose and then leave, no hanging about, in and out, get a quick thrill and then leave. Well, i’ve had my fun with you now haven’t i?

You dirty little perverts should feel very privileged that I’ve allowed you this opportunity to Come and see Mistress Violets Dirty Whore and use her for your filthy fantasies now shouldn’t you?

Perhaps you can be watched by Me and another Mistress and entertain several of us as we humiliate you and force you to have your pathetic little pindick sucked.

When you Come and see Mistress Violets Dirty Whore you can simply book on the day with ease. This is not a full session and as a result is charged at a different rate. Please contact me for further details regarding this in the following ways.

Call Me respectfully – 07876235506

Alternatively you can email Me –

Follow Me on twitter for more regular updates, pictures and availabilty – mistressviolet1

Visit My website for a full gallery, session list, and profile

Current availability is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Mistress Violet


Aug 232014

Good evening slaves,sluts and sissy’s

I am at the Manchester Chambers tomorrow and for the next few week will be offering specials on sessions. So any of you subs that are feeling the credit crunch can still come and session. And for all you subs who have never had a  session with Me now is you’re  chance to come and serve a well established Manchester Mistress. I cover all aspects of Domination from sissy’s foot fetish tied & teased. Medical sessions cp cbt, the lists goes on. I also offer kidnap sessions and Double Domme sessions for more details drop Me a email or give Me a call as I have to many interests in the scene to list. I am available 7 days a week but am in the chambers for last minute bookings Fridays and Saturdays. If you’re requiring a evening session please book before 5pm on the day you require a session

Mistress Isis x

To book a session call Me respectfully on 07821 475 211 


Aug 182014

Hello all,

So after a lovely time away festivalling with My friends, and now that I’m back I have a brand new session schedule to inform you of.

I am now going to be available for real time sessions at The Manchester Chambers…

Monday through to Friday for sessions with a start time between 12pm and 7pm.

After the arrival of a brand new, top of the range HD Camcorder, I am also upping My filming to 2 days per week, and seeing as I will be in the Chambers filming some depraved fetish content for you all anyway I figured I might as well make Myself available for same day appointments too…

Same Day Sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

My phone is still out of action, but if you want to book in with Me for your much needed punishment at short notice you can call the chamber mobile on 07842 596 422 on the above days. I am no longer offering weekend appointments… I need to get up to some mischief of My own at some point (the phrase work hard but play harder springs to mind…)

Mistress Lola Clips4Sale

As I am now going to be filming more often, I welcome any of you who would like to to commission a custom clip, or those of you who think you might actually be able to serve as a filming slave to fill out the relevant form on the ‘CLIPS‘ page of My own website.

Whilst I am writing this blog, I also thought I would share with you a funny story from a recent session of Mine… A few months ago, one of My most favourite playthings treated Me to a custom made catsuit from House of Harlot in London.

Mistress Lola Latex Catsuit

It really is the most beautiful, exquisite piece of latex I own (which considering My collection is quite an achievement) and I pour Myself into it as often as possible… in clips, sessions, fetish parties and so on…

So, when a new rubber loving slave came to see Me and requested I wear it (and tease him mercilessly whilst encased in it) I happily obliged. After an hour of allowing him only light feathery touches of My latex, I decided to end the session by letting him really enjoy My catsuit with some full weight facesitting, controlling every breath he took with My rubber clad behind…

At this precise moment, with my slaves face buried in My latex bottom, it split right down the seam… from spine to belly button! Whoops…

Thankfully My slave didn’t seem to mind too much (haha!) and even tipped Me heavily requesting I have it repaired for his next session visit. Naturally I have done just that and whilst I was having it repaired I have also commissioned another customized dress from them, which I will be picking up in a couple of weeks time. No doubt I will take some photos for you lot to salivate over once I do!

Until next time,

Mistress Lola

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Lola
London Dominatrix Mistress Lola

Aug 172014

Good evening,

I hope you all had a fun filled weekend I know I did. My availability this week is Monday Friday and Saturday. I am available other days by calling Me direct to book a session with Me. Myself and Mistress Arabella are doing a late evening Monday but if you’re requiring a evening booking please ring and book before 5pm. We will also be offering doubles again tomorrow at a discounted rate  can you handle the two of us double the pleasure double the pain. Myself and Mistress Madox will be gracing London with our presence in October  and still have sessions available while down there for double sessions and solo sessions.  I have had some enquiries about sploshing sessions which I am looking forward to doing in the new sploshing room. And Me and Mistress Arabella will also be doing some more pictures for the kidnap site together. Over the weekend I managed to get some pictures of the rooms now they have been refurbished. I will put some on this post. Anyone wanting to book a session call Me respectfully on My mobile


Mistress Isis x. 07821 475 211 MI-0003-600.jpgMA-PB-001-600-faded5363ba70c2e7b.jpg




Aug 162014

Good evening Slaves,sluts,and sissy’s

I  will be in the chambers today from 10am with Mistress Elise for all you Saturday sinners to come and worship and submit to Us. What better way to spend you’re day off work than serving two beautiful Mistresses. Who are feeling in very naughty devilish moods. We will be available for individual sessions or Double Domme sessions. Can you handle two of Us ? I am also planning to get some new pictures tomorrow in My nurses outfit showing My skills in the medical room. And some new ones in the Dungeon in My leather latex and PVC . May even wear some stockings  and get some feet pictures for you foot fetish slaves. I’m also looking forward to trying out our newly refurbished  authentic school room. The splooshing room is also now up and running for all you messy subs wanting food play. I will add some pics of the new refurbished rooms next week it looks amazing. Well that’s all for today Mistress needs her beauty sleep.

to book a session call Me respectfully on 07821 475211 


Mistress Isis x.   imageMI-0001-600.jpg

Aug 142014

Good evening ,

just a a quick blog this evening  to let you all know Myself and Mistress Arabella are in the chambers tomorrow from 10am for bookings. We are also offering special rates on Double Domme sessions again tomorrow. Also Myself and Mistress Madox will be hitting London at the beginning of October  and offering single and Double sessions while in London any enquiries for London please email Myself  or Mistress Madox for more details. Anyone wishing to book a session tomorrow please ring Me direct or the dungeon line

Mistress Isis. 07821 475 211 


Aug 132014

Well Saturday started bright and early for Me.

Up showered and into the dungeon bright and early for  a naughty little sub who had been caught with very naughty pictures on his phone  and was summoned to see Me to be punished. The poor little sub was let into the chambers and asked to use the toilet  unsuspecting to him I was hiding round the corner with a collar and lead when he came out of the bathroom. I wrestled him to the floor and ripped off his clothes then padlocked the collar around his neck and attached the dog lead. I then dragged him into the upstairs chamber and locked him in the dog cage . I then retrieved his phone from his ripped jogging bottoms and looked for the pictures I knew he was hiding on there. He was looking rather sheepish and denied  having the pictures on his phone, that was until I showed him them. I left the chamber and changed into My latex dress and heels and returned to deal with him. I pulled him from the cage and belted  him to the whipping bench collar and lad still attached. He looked down at the floor and asked what I was planning to do to him so I told him he was going to be  punished for the pictures of the young girls and made to suck cock just as the girls where doing in his pictures. I took down some of the straps, paddles, tawses, and whips from My wall and started to spank his backside. Once it had a nice glow to it I proceeded with the other implements I had chosen for his punishment. He was begging and pleading for Me to forgive him  for his filthy pictures. But his pleas fell on deaf ears. I chose a cane from My collection and told him he would receive one for each of the pictures he had on his phone and each one would be harder than the last. I proceeded to give him 12 of the cane . He was then released and ordered onto the floor. Lead in My hand I dragged him over to the bench and put on My strap on he was then made to suck it like a bitch. I was laughing every time he protested I rammed it further down his throat till he was gagging. Before the end of the session he was fitted with a chastity device. The key in on My chain around My neck he can look at his dirty pictures all he wants now  but it will be uncomfortable every time he does. And I will be waiting for his call begging Me to take it off . :)

to book a session call Me direct on 07821 475 211. 

Mistress Isis. X


Aug 092014

Manchester Mistress Violet’s Magical Wardrobe

Manchester Mistress Violet's Magical WardrobeYou can smell my couture latex as I walk through the door and into the chamber. The talc on my perfect porcelain skin. You’re desperate to get close enough to touch My beautiful shiny, skin tight dress. All of My curves emphasized and accentuated, tormenting you without even having to say a word. Manchester Mistress Violet’s Magical Wardrobe is full of stunning little treats that will drive you wild. As I lock your head securely into My queening stool and take my rightful place above you, you’re feeling desperate. TAKE YOUR LAST BREATH BITCH! I’m going to smother you now, maximizing every sensation you have. You can feel My latex cover your face, so soft. Filling your nose with that beautiful mixed scent of latex and Me.

My tight, shiny PVC that looks so wet, with light reflecting all over Me, exciting you just by looking at Me. I’m going to tie you up, face down, hands behind your back whilst I sit on you allowing you to feel every inch of My PVC heaven without the option to touch. Oh how you would love to worship My PVC clad body. Manchester Mistress Violet’s superb selection of dresses, shoes, boots and catsuits in My Magical Wardrobe will leave you weak at the knees and unable to think, leaving you completely under My control.

My hands encased in leather gloves, slipping around your neck as i take your life in my hands, you’re moving desperate for release. as your little cock twitches at my grasp. I’ll trample all over your pathetic little body in My knee high leather boots leaving marks you’ll never forget.

To visit the newly refurbished Manchester Chambers and discover an out of this world fetishists dream contact Me respectfully.

Call – 07876235506

Email –

Visit my website