Oct 122015

Mistress Coco Noir and Mistress Electra Availability This Week

Mistress Coco Noir and Mistress Electra Availability This Week

Being the lovely Mistresses we are hehe we have decided to let all you sluts, slaves, sissy’s and little bitches know Our availability for the coming week.

Mistress Coco Noir and Mistress Electra will be available for afternoon and evening solo and double sessions all this week! We normally only offer late night on Tuesday and Thursday, but this week We will be available every evening! We will also be available over the weekend, contact Us to discuss the possibility of serving either or both of Us.

With the dark nights drawing in the We think it’s the perfect time of year for one of Our favourite things to do…..kidnapping some sluts, then interrogating and confining them in Our Chambers, for more information click here.

The Mistresses are also available for outcalls and event attendance click here for more details. We are currently planning trips to London and Birmingham to enable you lucky Southern sluts the opportunity to serve two of the best Mistresses in the UK! More details will follow soon.

There will be more blogs over the next couple of weeks with details of some new ways to serve Us such as ‘Meet & Beats’, ‘Tag Teaming’, ‘Maids Tea Party’ to name a few! I bet you’re intrigued now aren’t you haha! Check back regularly for special offers, updates and details of upcoming events.

To discuss serving either or both Mistresses contact either of Us respectfully using the methods below.

Mistress Coco Noir & Mistress Electra x

Mistress Coco


Mistress Electra

Mistress UK
Manchester Mistresses UK

Oct 062015

Mistress Coco Noir Outcalls and Events

Mistress Coco Noir Outcalls and Events

I have increased my availability to include outcalls, attendance to fetish events and dinner dates. Obviously attendance is at Mistress Coco discretion and She will only attend the things she wishes to. Hotel and private residence outcalls are available by prior appointment within a 15 mile radius of Manchester.

These alternative options are for those who would prefer not to session at The Chambers, also for those who for what ever reason do not have a partner to attend events with. It also removes some of the barriers and stigma’s associated with attendance at event as a single person.

Mistress Coco will still be available for sessions at The Manchester Chambers or through one of the below options, there are a number of options and the prices vary depending on location and other factors;
– Attendance to Fetish events as your Mistress (£150 per hour minimum)
– Pre-Arranged Session Tasters at The Kage (£30 per 15 minutes session)
– Vanilla Dinner/Drinks/Theatre (£150 per hour minimum)
– Shopping Trips (Gifts for Mistress, minimum spend £250)
– Shopping Trips (Toys, Sissy Training for sub, £200 per hour minimum)

Refreshments (Food & Drink) and other costs such as travel, hotel (if required – the room will exclusively for Mistress Coco’s use and not for use by the client who will have a separate room if necessary), entrance fee to events etc are not included in the tribute and are to be covered in its entirety by the client for the duration of the encounter.

The tribute will be at Mistress’ discretion depending on the event, location and various other details, it will be agreed at booking stage, a deposit will also be required to secure the booking, contact Mistress Coco to discuss.

Double Domme sessions and kidnaps are available with the beautifully evil Mistress Electra and myself, are any of you brave enough to book with us both??

Ms Coco Noir x


Ms Coco Noir

Oct 042015

Hello slaves,

I am available for sessions every Tuesday from 11am until 8pm only at The Manchester Chambers.

I am also available for doubles with all the Mistresses in the dungeon. All the Mistresses I’ve known and had doubles with for many many years.

If you are looking for a well established and experienced Manchester Mistress who knows how to get into your mind, then contact Me Mistress Madox to arrange a session.

To find out more about Me and the sessions I am interested in, go to My website: www.mistressmadox.co.uk or email Me respectfully mistressmadox@gmail.com. Any lewd or disrespectful messages will be ignored.

Allow 24 hours for a reply.

Mistress Madox


Oct 012015

Kidnap Interrogation and Confinement with Mistresses Electra and Coco Noir

Kidnap, Interrogation and Confinement with Mistresses Electra and Coco NoirThe recent darker evenings have got Mistress Electra & Mistress Coco thinking about how much fun it is to stalk and kidnap some victims. We have so much fun interrogating slutty little subs and getting them to share all their secrets, then We confine them in The Chambers keeping them as Our prisoners until We’ve used them up or tired of them.

As We want to fill Our prison cell and slut box with subby’s We are offering special rates for any bookings made between today Thursday 1st October and Sunday 4th October (all bookings will require a deposit to secure). The booking will be redeemable between the 1st October and Sunday 11th October.

Contact either Mistress respectfully to discuss using the methods below.

Mistress Coco & Mistress Electra


Mistress Coco Noir



Mistress Electra


Sep 172015

 Mistress Electra and Mistress Coco Noirs Weekend Availability

imageGood Evening,

Mistress Electra and Mistress Coco have decided to trial weekend sessions to fit you all in! For the whole of September We will take on the day bookings on Saturday’s 12pm to 6pm and will take advance bookings for Sunday’s 12pm – 6pm. A minimum of two hours notice will be required for either day. A deposit will be required for bookings on both days. The tribute for both days will be £150 per hour solo or £240 double, tributes are negotiable for sessions over three hours.

Contact either Us respectfully using any of the methods below.

Mistress Coco & Mistress Electra x


Mistress Coco Noir



Mistress Electra



Sep 132015

Mistress Coco Noirs End of Summer Specials

After the wonderful summer we’ve had here at The Manchester Chambers, Mistress Coco Noir has decided on some end of summer special offers to see the Autum in for you lucky sluts!

Solo sessions with Mistress Coco booked between now and the end of September, for sessions Monday to Friday 11am until 6pm will be at a reduced tribute of £100 per hour. Outside of these hours including weekends will be the usual tribute of £150 per hour.

Double and Triple Domme sessions are available with Mistress Electra, Mistress Lola Ruin and Myself Mistress Coco! Contact any of the Mistresses respectfully using the details provided below to discuss and arrange an appointment, although I’m sure none of you will be brave enough to see Us all together!

I keep receiving calls asking I session without a safe word? There seems to be a lot of cocky sluts about lol, well to answer and save repetition, I do offer a safe word it is one of the few decisions/choices a slave gets in my presence, it is there choice to accept and/or use. I think it’s absolutely hilarious when a slut adamantly refuses then begs half way through for one, realising just how pathetic they really are even when they’ve convinced themselves they can ‘take it’ haha! They realise although Mistress looks very sweet she is equally as cruel, it isn’t sensible to test Me!

To book a session to serve and amuse Me solo or with one of My beautiful colleagues, contact respectfully using the details below.

Mistress Coco Noir x


Mistress Coco Noir

Mistress Electra

07549 859 684

Mistress Electra

Mistress Lola Ruin

07527 655 302

Mistress Lola Ruin

Sep 102015


Sun Sea and Sangria!

Mistress Electra is off on Her jolly’s and will not be available for you sluts to worship until Wednesday 16th September 2015.

For any immediate appointments in Her absence contact Mistress Arabella on 07983851913 or Mistress Coco on 07944746241 respectfully to discuss. Mistress Coco can also take bookings for Mistress Electra next week if you wish to visit Mistress Electra on Her return.

Mistress Electra x



Aug 312015

Tantilising Tuesday with Manchester Mistress Darcey – Tomorrow is the first day of the working week. Tomorrow is the day you go back to your worship, servitude and subsequent punishments.

Mistress Darcey has had a busy weekend, starting with kidnap and ending with a good old fashioned caning.


If you are still too weak or frightened to enter Her chambers you can serve Mistress Darcey‘s world in many other ways, you can entertain Her with your pathetic little needs on NITEFLIRT or session with Her webcam. If you arent afraid you should be, if you arent weaked, you certain will be after surviving Her intelligence and swift skill to open up your filthy mind.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 01.03.40

Mistress Darcey recieves many gifts on a daily basis, to become one of Her lucky subs or even slaves, purchase Her gifts from Her amazon wishlist, peruse the corsets, stockings and crops and make an application for strict training to Her email below.


Contact with respect on any of the following:

@MistressDarcey / MistressDarcey@gmail.com / 07955330966

Aug 312015

Birthday Fun with Mistress Electra and Mistress Coco Noir


Mistress Coco celebrated Her birthday last Saturday and Mistress Electra celebrates Hers this Thursday! (We expect you to arrive ladend with gifts haha!)

As We are both in good moods we have decided to treat Our sluts to some special treats!

We’ve had such fun this afternoon planning a Double Domme Kidnap Session we have decided to give more of you slaves the opportunity to be kidnapped and confined by Us both and have reduced Our normal tribute, contact either Mistress respectfully to discuss!

As we enjoy Our double sessions so much we again we have an awesome special offer on Our double sessions, contact either Mistress respectfully to discuss.

Mistress Coco Noir & Mistress Electra

Mistress Coco Noir 07944746241

Mistress Electra 07549859684

Aug 282015

Good evening worms,

the chambers will be open on bank holiday Monday. Myself  and Ms Coco Noir will be celebrating our birthdays this week and mine next week. So we are are  going to let you slaves join in our birthday celebrations. We will be doubling up on Monday and offering you lucky slaves the chance to serve us both for a fraction of the normal fee. Thursday is My birthday and yes I will be working as some of My loyal subs want to come in and serve Me. Let’s just hope they don’t forget My card or they may just get a stroke of the cane for every year since I was born. :) if they happen to fetch a gift with them also I may be nice to them lol. I will only be in the chambers till the 9th and then I am away until the 16th Mistress will be going to enjoy her birthday celebrations with some sun sea sand and sangria. To book a session or enquire about the double sessions. call Me respectfully on the numbers below 


Mistress Electra x

Www.mistress-Electra.com.    07549859684.      07821475211.    Mistress-electra@hotmail.com