Nov 202014

Good evening.

I will be at the chambers tomorrow for sessions. Also doubles available with our new trainee Mistress Domillia . I have been in the chambers today doing new pictures for you all to peruse and perve at lol. I will put some on in the next few days . To book a session call Me respectfully.


Mistress Isis x 07821 475 211 MMH-001-600-b-300image

Nov 192014

Hello all,

So I am now well and truly back into the swing of things and have been filming plenty of pervy new clips and content for you lot to feast your eyes upon here at The Manchester Chambers… here are a few snapshots…

Ruined Orgasm InstructionalRuined Orgasm Instructional

Ass Worship in LingerieAss Worship in Lingerie
Smoking and Human Ashtray POVSmoking and Human Ashtray POV

Therapist Lola Mesmerises you….Therapist Lola Mesmerises you....

JOI to My Seamed StockingsJOI to My Seamed Stockings

All of the above clips are available to be downloaded from My Clips4Sale store here…

The dress and the corset in the last 2 pictures were both gifts from a couple of My subbies for My birthday… I was well and truly spoiled by all you adoring fans, and thank you all for the birthday emails/tweets and so on.

On My actual birthday I had a private fetish party at The Manchester Chambers with My nearest, dearest and kinkiest friends… as you can imagine there was dancing and debauchery galore! Sadly, no pictures but here’s a snap of Me rubbered up for Halloween weekend in My new House of Harlot custom dress!

A few heads were turned as I strutted through the train station in this…A few heads were turned as I strutted through the train station in this...

I am available in Manchester every Monday through to Friday from now on, so if you wish to arrange a session you can do so through the contact details below. I am also acutely aware that I need to arrange London dates soon (as all you Southern subbies keep pestering Me to grace you with My presence again!) so hopefully I will be see a few of you lot soon too!

Until next time,

Mistress Lola Ruin


Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Lola
London Dominatrix Mistress Lola

Nov 182014

Mistress Arabella and The Manchester Chambers

MA-19-2014-600And a good afternoon to you my miscreants, slave, sluts and bitches. Have you missed me at all or is that a stupid question…. long time no spank!! Just think what my chastity slaves have been through…have you been nice and comfortable locked up for all that time. muhahahahaha

Now get down on your knees and don’t you dare look up, do not think that for one moment I have mellowed in fact I am feeling very sadistic today.

I am pleased to announce that the Manchester Chambers have finally been fully refurbished. We now have two fully equipped chambers full of all the stocks, chains and whips I could ever need to satisfy my desire to push your limits, we also have a modern medical room complete with straight jackets and a whole range of medical supplies. We have a realistic domestic setting which can be transformed into a school room and also our sploshing area if I need to make things really messy!!!  Don’t worry if I am really in a good mood I may let you use our shower facilities after, we also have a fully equipped cell perfect for overnights or for those Judge and Jury roleplays along with a confession box. The refurbishment also included a spruce up of the office so be assured that we Mistresses have a good place to discuss your humiliation and punishment tactics. I thank everyone who helped with the transformation you know who your are.

We have 2 new beautiful Mistresses, Mistress Domilia and Mistress Amelia. Their websites are under construction but you can view their picture on the website homepage for further information you may contact them on their mobiles or you may respectfully contact myself Mistress Arabella.

A reminder I am visiting New York on the 20th January 2015, first stop is Pandoras Box which is located in the Chelsea district of Manhattan between 7th and 8th Avenue, I will be available day or night for 1 week only for real time sessions, outcalls and dinner dates. If you are interested in any of the above you may contact me respectfully via email

I am available Monday to Friday from 10am until late, for bookings you may contact me on 07983 851 913.

Mistress Arabella




Nov 122014

Winter Blues Double Domme Sessions

Winter Blues Double Domme Sessions

Winter Blues Double Domme Sessions

Winter Blues Double Domme Sessions

Winter Blues Double Domme Sessions

Is this awful weather putting you down? Leaving you in need of getting out and treating yourself? Well, lucky subs, sissys and slaves – you are in for a treat. Myself and the stunning Mistress Arabella are feeling generous. Winter Blues Double Domme Sessions will  be available for one week only so make the most of this special offer. You will have to call or email for rates.

Mistress Arabella a tall slim brunette, experienced, innovative and truly beautiful alongside Myself, a petite, cruel Mistress who takes pleasure from exploiting your weaknesses. To be in the presence of such highly skilled Mistresses is a privilege in itself.

Our perfectly shaped bodies teasing you, slowly driving you crazy, making you feel powerless the second We enter the chamber. Feeling nervous and trembling, awaiting instructions on your knees. You’re prepared to do anything We command and you’ll strive to impress your Mistresses.

Holding sessions in The manchester Chambers you will find several recently refurbished play spaces. This includes 2 fully equipped chambers, a medical room AND a school room. Every room filled with exciting toys, troublesome spanking implements as well as all of the fetish furniture you would expect to see. Winter Blues Double Domme Sessions will start from tomorrow and end next Thursday.

If you wish to contact either of Us regarding  Winter Blues Double Domme Sessions you can do so in one of the following ways.

Call Me respectfully on – 07876235506

Email Me –

Follow Me on twitter – Mistressviolet1

Visit My website for a full session interests page and galleries

Alternatively you may contact Mistress Arabella in the following ways.

Call Mistress Arabella respectfully on - 07983851913

Email Mistress Arabella -

Visit Mistress Arabella’s website –

Nov 022014

Hardsports and Degradation

Hardsports and Degradation

Hardsports and Degradation

As you may have seen on My personal blog, Mistress Violet is now offering the ultimate in humiliation with Hardsports and Degradation. You are a disgusting, perverted excuse of a man and this is what you shall have as your punishment. I will push you to your limits as I use you for My entertainment. I shall laugh at you as you are used as My toilet. The shame you will feel as you look up at your inevitable fate is one that is beyond compare. Hardsports and Degradation is suitable only for the most vile creatures who enter the chambers.

Hardsports and Degradation Sessions are not only available with Myself but I also offer double domme sessions with the stunning Miss Andrews We will take turns using you and laughing at you as We enjoy your misery. We thrive on your suffering, you should be thankful you were ever given the opportunity to serve either of Us.

There is of course more planning for Hardsports and Degradation sessions and it is required that you give a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to sessions and more for double domme sessions. All Hardsports and Degradation sessions require a deposit before they will be scheduled (if you have not had a hardsports session with me before)

My availability is currently Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and be aware that I will only offer one Hardsports and Degradation session for each of these days.

There are several ways to contact Me. The best way is via email.

you may call Me respectfully on – 07876235506

Follow Me on twitter – Mistressviolet1

Finally you can visit My website for my galleries and full session interest list –

I look forward to hearing from you filthy animals.

Mistress Violet


Oct 302014

Good evening ,

I am in the chambers tomorrow and feeling in a very wicked devilish mood. Well it is Halloween after all. I will have some treats on sessions tomorrow for you  all for more details you will have to give Me a call to find out more. I think either black catsuit and thigh boots is My dress code for tomorrow  or full black leather mmm.  With dark make up and bright red luscious lips to fit in with the Halloween theme.  For anyone wishing to book a session please call Me direct on My mobile number below as I sometimes forget to turn the office mobile on when I arrive. Just a quick reminder evening sessions and weekend sessions are available and need to be booked in the morning if you phone Me at 7pm for a late appointment unless I have seen you before  a deposit is required !! . And kidnap sessions need to be booked in advance as  lot of preparation has to go into it and it can not be booked on the day you require the kidnap so please book in advance.

call 07821 475 211 to book a session  Mistress Isis x imageimage

Oct 292014

Hello slaves.

From December 2014 I will be attending a full time course. I will not be available for sessions, calls or emails throughout December 2014 & January 2015.

So if you want to session with Me in November then you have the following dates and times to choose from:

  • 4th November 12-6pm
  • 5th November 12-6pm
  • 6th November 12-6pm
  • 11th November 12-6pm
  • 12th November 12-6pm
  • 13th November 12-6pm
  • 18th November 12-6pm
  • 19th November 12-6pm
  • 20th November 12-6pm
  • 25th November 12-6pm
  • 26th November 12-6pm
  • 27th November 12-6pm

Please give 48 hrs notice to book.

After My course I have no idea what the future holds or how it will affect My availability for future sessions.

If I change career next year, I may only session with the select few slaves that I choose to.

So during November may be your last chance to serve Me….ever! Who knows!


I am contactable by email only to book sessions at the moment.

I have recently closed My site and twitter feed where you would normally find out about My services.

So please feel free to ask about your session interests when you apply.

I will provide you with a contact phone number upon successful email application.

See you soon!

Mistress Madox


Oct 162014

Good evening.

well what a busy week at the chambers. It’s been like  Piccadilly train station as one sub left another arrived. From foot worship to tied & teased and denial. Wrestling ‘ ball busting  and needle play  it’s been a fun filled week. I am back in the chambers tomorrow for another fun filled day of fetish fun. There are still appointments available tomorrow and as it has been such a fun filled week I am offering discounts for tomorrow’s appointments . Discounts apply for hourly appointments and multiple hours Only . To book a session call Me direct on the number below .


Mistress Isis x. 07821 475 211 

kidnap sessions are also available by prior booking  07821 475 211


Oct 162014

Hello all,

So I haven’t blogged in a while as I have been under the weather the past few weeks. Luckily I am now back to full health, just in time for My birthday!

Manchester Mistress Lola and Manchester Mistess Violet

No, I didn’t suffer a 2 week hangover from The Manchester Chambers night out, although I am sure all those tequilas didn’t help… :)

I am going to celebrate by having a small fetish party with my nearest and dearest kinky friends… as you can imagine I am very excited (and if you are lucky I may share some pictures with you next week…)

Should you wish to send Me a birthday gift, then you can easily choose something from My amazon wishlist here…

Mistress Lola’s Amazon Wishlist

… My own gift to Myself has already arrived- a beautiful custom dress from the amazing House of Harlot. I will no doubt be getting some professional shots taken soon, so until then these blurry selfies will have to do!

Manchester Mistress Lola House of Harlot LatexManchester Mistress Lola House of Harlot LatexManchester Mistress Lola House of Harlot Latex

Now that I am well again everything will return to normal and I will be available for sessions, webcam and custom clips again from next week… hopefully I will be seeing and tormenting a fair few of you soon!

Until next time,


Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Lola Ruin
London Dominatrix Mistress Lola Ruin

Oct 082014
Mistress Violet Is Available with Trainee

Mistress Violet Is Available with Trainee

Mistress Violet Is Available with Trainee

Hello slaves, subs and general perverts! You’re in luck, Mistress Violet Is Available with Trainee, a brand new Mistress in training, if you  like humiliation the is the perfect opportunity for you. Having fresh alluring eyes watching over you, laughing along with Me as I cruelly torment you for Our entertainment. You will be paraded around in front of both Myself and My Trainee and ordered to do tasks that are suitable only for a slave, tasks that are set to embarrass and humiliate you solely for Our pleasure. Endure such tasks and you MIGHT be rewarded for your efforts, fail and squirm as We punish you for it.

For you sissy sluts in training there’s two cocks to be sucked and you’re to be on your knees waiting and anticipating to be forced from one to another, used and abused to your full potential, all to have Us say to you that you’ve been a good slut and you’ve earned the right to wear that pretty dress you have on!

The beautiful Trainee will accompany Me into some of My sessions, an intoxicating mix not to be missed for sessions including tie and tease and tease and denial, twice as much teasing and twice as much fun! Two twisted minds to play with your mind and take you to another level.

Mistress Violet Available with Trainee As of tomorrow Thursday the 9th of October – there’s lots of trouble and fun to be had with Us both.

My general availability for next week is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. To contact Me about My availability with Myself alone or with My Trainee you can do so in the following ways.

Call Me respectfully on – 07876235506

Email Me at –

Follow Me on Twitter – mistressviolet1

Visit My website –

Mistress Violet