Jul 302014

Good evening subservients.

Myself and Mistress Arabella are feeling in a very naughty mood this week and have decided to offer our delightful Double Domme sessions this Wednesday and Friday. At a very attractive rate so why not come and spend a hour serving 2 stunning experienced Mistresses. Who cover all aspects of Domination to book a session call Me or Mistress Arabella direct

Mistress Isis  07821 475211 www.mistress-isis.com 


Jul 252014

Welcome back Mistress Arabella

MA-UW-002-600And so then Miscreants I am back from my holiday all rested and bronzed, My fortnight in the Caribbean was lovely and those who follow my twitter will know the luxury I expect, need and was treated to and you will also know how lovely my body looks tanned ALL over, minimal white bits haha.  It was so nice that I could bring the weather back with me as well, Your Mistress quite obviously has friends in very high places….as well as those deep below the ground.

I enjoyed my birthday upon my return. You should always know that your Mistress enjoys receiving Gifts and surprises and I had lots of them to make it a very special weekend indeed. My wish list is there for a purpose though…..http://www.amazon.co.uk Click on to wish list on the tab bar on the right hand side, click find a wishlist and type in mistressarabella@hotmail.com It is there to direct you, guide you and make sure you don’t get me a present that I throw straight in the bin in front of your pathetic eyes.

I am now looking forward to visiting The House of Harlot shortly to have my very own corseted latex catsuit personally measured on my most glorious of bodies, yes I can read your mind….You would like to have the tape in your hand as you measure my inner thigh, Hmmm What a thought…. .In your dreams bitch…..I do so hope that you are on your knees reading this….thats a good slave. Your beginning to know your place, Now stay there!! And that is NOT a request it is an order.

The break  has really charged my sadistic and creative mind, as well as sharpened my talons and wit, I am at my most dominant and fun in this mood and those who know me know full well that is something that can spark all kinds of possibilities, So I do really suggest for your own good you respectfully pick up the phone and contact me on 07983 851 913 or email on mistressarabella@hotmail.com.

You know the rules now….go follow and live with them. I promise only that you will die with the memories swirling in your pathetic mind haha. A welcome back for Mistress Arabella.

Mistress Arabella


Website: www.mistress-arabella.com

Jul 252014

Just a quick blog to let you slaves know My availability, I will be doing a blog later with pics of a time waster sub Manwar. I am available for sessions today and Myself and Mistress Violet will be offering Discounted Double Domme sessions tomorrow for more details or to book a session call Me on  number below

Mistress Isis 07821 475 211   MI-0003-600.jpgMI-0001-600.jpgMISTRESS VIOLET THE MANCHESTER MISTRESSMistress Violet

Jul 212014

Manchester Mistress Violets Dirty Knickers

Manchester Mistress Violet

Manchester Mistress Violet

Someone has told me your dirty little secret. You, filthy perverts have been up to no good. I’ve heard all about how you’ve been continuously looking at my pictures, admiring from afar, wishing so much to get your hands on them… I’ve been wearing them for the gym, wearing them in session, walking around all over just to add to that extra special scent you’re desperately longing to smell.

My worn knickers are something you dream about owning, you have a burning desire to sleep with them under your pillowcase don’t you? Holding them so close to your face as you touch yourself. You will have seen recently that I have posted pictures on my twitter for slaves to bid on my beautiful worn underwear. For the privilege of owning a pair of my worn satin, cotton or lace panties you may  contact me for details. I will either generously seal them in a discrete package and an airtight bag, ensuring my amazing scent is still fresh for when you receive them in the post OR if you are lucky enough to have a session with me you may collect them personally.

To contact me for purchase of my knickers, you can do so in the following ways.

Call me respectfully on – 07876235506

or you can email mistress-violet@outlook.com

follow me on twitter for more regular updates including pictures of sessions, new fetish wear and of course myself wearing my underwear.

Twitter : mistressviolet1

Visit my website www.mistress-violet.com

I am available for sessions this week – Today, Tuesday and Thursday

Please note that I am away on my holidays next week from the 29th of July until the 2nd of August and will not be taking bookings over the phone. During this period it will be best for you to email me at the above address.

Manchester Mistress Violets Dirty Knickers

Mistress Violet


Jul 102014

imageSo it seems I haven’t blogged for a while bet you have all been wondering what’s been going on in Mistress James’s world Okay so some of you may have heard what’s been going on and what I’ve been up to as I use twitter to update my daily deviant activities. Excited to announce I am now going to be offering double dom sessions do you think you need to be punished by Master and Mistress ? Feel free to contact by email for enquires. Mistress has been a busy Mistress recently and will be doing clip4sale soon so do look out for that. I did a session recently which I can say was one of my favourites . Anyone who keeps up to date with me knows How much I love my sissies and now My bondage sissies I do love putting them in all kinds of predicaments and hoping to do more of that. Gagging them restraining them and making them take my strapon full force whilst strapped in My new favourite piece if equipment…the swing that we have in our purple chambers. You have probably heard about our gorgeous new equipment we have in our downstairs chamber I love being worshipped in our new throne .simply stunning!! My availability is flexible and varies do feel free to contact me to discuss an make arrangements to suit. I now do weekend sessions for all you hardworking bitches that can’t come worship and serve me in the week look forward to hearing from you Mistress Elise James 07951217442 mistressejames@outlook.com 

Jul 092014

Manchester Mistress Violets Financial Domination

Manchester Mistress Financial DominationHere is another testimonial from Slave 50 based on his time as my financial slave. So step forward you pathetic little pindick paypig losers to fund my extravagant lifestyle, it is my right to look beautiful at all times and your purpose to pay me to do so!

My journey started a long time ago when i got married to a young beautiful girl who was quiet and shy and worshiped the ground that i walked on. Over the years i didn’t really notice how much she was taking control, mainly with the money. She would keep coming home in new expensive clothes while there wasn’t much left over for me. In the end the sex stopped and she went off with a lover and most of my bonus for that year. Since then i had many vanilla relationships that were very boring and didn’t last long and I soon realised I missed the control my ex had over me especially the financial part, i had soon discovered my sub side and seen Mistresses which are all fine but you get what you pay for and then leave and i wanted to be totally controlled.

I had read about financial slavery on the web and had played with it a little but didn’t think too much about it until I went to see Mistress Violet, i had mentioned findom in my introduction email and she had mentioned that she did it. On my first visit i was struck by her beauty and i knew then this was the Mistress to take me to the next level. The session was perfect amd as i was tied over her bench while she caned me i knew then this was going to include financial slavery as its purest form. How better to serve your Mistress than with the money you work hard for and for Her to just take it.

After the session we kept messaging until she just said, okay slave pay me what’s mine, i paid into her paypal account and felt so good that i had made Her happy. Next she made me take humiliating pictures of myself so she could put them on her twitter account so the world could see how pathetic i was and she charged me for the privilege. A night out followed for her and her sister which i paid for the drinks. We moved onto payments directly into her bank account which made the slavery more personal for me, the best thing is when we are in a session she is punishing me i know this is total slavery not just the hour, looking at Her beautiful body in leather knowing she owns me and we are gaining trust to move to higher levels when she can control all of my income and i beg for pocket money if I’m good. Blackmail is next on the list which i never thought was possible – imagine a Mistress having that power its overwhelming. She has told me i will suck my first cock as she collects the evidence needed.

The feeling that i get when paying is out of this world, Mistress often likes to tell me how she’s spent it. Maybe a night out with Alpha having fun whilst i stay in or laughing at me with her sisters and demanding more. I get my treats, worn panties stuffed in my mouth in a session or a picture sent to my mobile when at work. She also lets me have credit on some payments with a healthy interest rate of course to just make sure payments is on time.

If you want total ownership i recommend Mistress Violet, she does take care of her slaves as long as you do as you are told. She will soon have you begging at her feet and with her imagination I will soon my hard limits to the full. Next time your Mistress is pegging you, ask yourself, does she really own you? Mistress Violet OWNS me.

So here it is, you want to pay for my fabulous holidays, My beautiful Mulberry handbags, My stunning red soled shoes and my glamorous lifestyle. You deserve to be rinsed and used and blackmailed.

To tribute Me send Amazon Gift Cards to mistress-violet@outlook.com

To arrange sessions for findom email mistress-violet@outlook.com

Follow me on Twitter – mistressviolet1

Visit my website  - www.mistress-violet.com

Mistress Violet


Jul 072014

Manchester Mistress Violet’s Filthy Slut

Manchester Mistress Violet

Manchester Mistress Violet

So you want a cheap thrill do you, filthy perverts! As it happens I have the perfect opportunity for you. This Thursday the 10th of July my come slut is available from 1.30pm to entertain you with his oral skills. Slut in the box is forced to do as i say, he is forced to suck whoever i say and is forced to enjoy it! All for my amusement of course. Contact me to arrange your time slot for you to be pleasured by my dirty little cum slut. Come and live out your dirty fantasies and take the memories home with you…

To arrange your splash and dash call me respectfully – 07876235506

Email – mistress-violet@outlook.com

Follow me on Twitter mistressviolet1

Mistress Violet


Jul 032014

Mistress Arabellas Rules


Hello Miscreants…It seems that some of you need a reminder of the rules when you are in my domain…Not that I am one for wasting my breath… herewith is a reminder.

  1. I make all the rules
  2. The rules are subject to change at anytime without prior notification
  3. No slave can possibly know all of the rules
  4. If I suspect for one second the slave knows all of the rules I will change the rules immediately be it some or all of the rules at my discretion
  5. I am never wrong
  6. If I am wrong it is because of a flagrant mis-understanding which is a direct result of something the slave did or said wrong
  7. If rule 6 applies the slave must apologies immediately for causing the misunderstanding
  8. I can change my mind at any given point in time or place or whenever deemed appropriate
  9. The slave must never change his mind without express written permission or consent from ME

In addition I of course expect you to be courteous, clean and shaven. I do not expect you to question me in anyway shape or form I do not appreciate sarcasm or any gesture that could be perceived as sarcastic such as raising eyebrows. I expect you to be honest about the levels of pain you can take and if you can be marked etc etc….Whether I take any notice or not is entirely upto me of course and I refer you to the rules above. hahaha

Understand and follow all of the above and we will get on just fine, I have a wicked and unique sense of humour but cross me at your own peril.

If you are capable of obeying Mistress Arabella Rules then you may contact me on 07983 851 913

website: www.mistress-arabella.com

email: mistressarabella@Hotmail.com

Mistress Arabella


Jul 022014

Mistress Arabellas exciting week ahead

MA-UW-001-600Mistress Arabellas most busy period, It seems that my slaves cannot get enough of ME…haha oh well what is a Mistress to do!!! I have particularly enjoyed a smoking session with one of my slaves recently, Oh there was no ashtray around, why would I need such a thing when I have one directly in front of me haha Open wide haha, He seemed most entranced as I softly blew smoke in his face whilst my long knee high black pvc boots hung over the side bench softly caressing his nipples with the spikeness of its heels causing him to flinch and squeal in pain.

So as my holiday approaches I grow more and more excited, Oh I bet you wish you could be joining me as I am served by real men as I tan myself all over, Stripped to a bikini with the keys of several of you in my bag, Now lets hope my new…wait for it….Chanel handbag doesn’t tip over….HHmm now that would be an issue now wouldn’t it!!!

Do not forget this is my last week at the chambers before I go away and if you snooze you lose. You should know my number by now but just in case you are an imbecile, and that’s perfectly likely isn’t it!? 07983 851913 You may contact me respectfully on it. I will be available from 11am onwards until Saturday 5th July, Alternatively you may contact me on mistressarabella@hotmail.com and outline any specifics you would like in a session. Please note this is not an invitation for war and peace nor is it there for you too top from the bottom however It is a chance for you to introduce yourself in a way that is calm, structured and respectful.

Look forward to tormenting you.

Mistress Arabella


Website: www.mistress-arabella.com

Jun 302014

Mistress Arabella tours NYBritish Mistress’ Tour New York


Well you lucky miscreants, you are in for a treat! Not one, not two but three Beautiful British Mistress’ will be touring New York at the beginning of next year. We will be offering sessions from the world famous Pandoras Box in January 2015.  Mistress Arabella, tall, enchanting, powerful and dominant – Mistress Lola, a pin up beauty with a sadistic streak and Mistress Violet, cruel, demanding and devious…

We will be there for one week only and you don’t want to miss out! Each Mistress has her own personal style – Do not be fooled by Mistress Arabella’s young and beautiful looks, she is one of the UK’s most experienced and accomplished Mistress’. Mistress Lola, highly educated with a real passion for BDSM wouldn’t think twice about trampling all over your pathetic body in her beautiful red soled Laboutin’s and Mistress Violet will seek out any weakness you show, exploit you, humiliate you, torment you and punish you without a seconds thought.

Each Mistress well spoken, trained to the highest standard, beautiful, elegant and captivating. You will have no choice but to be on your knees, willing to do whatever we demand, WANTING to fulfil what is expected of you.

Mistress Lola tours NY

Mistress Lola tours NY

Session lists are visible on individual Mistress websites and if not listed you are advised to email regarding your desired fetishes. There is a vast array of sessions on offer from tie and tease, CBT, watersports, breath play, humiliation and so much more. Bee prepared to finally live out your darkest fantasies.

To contact Mistress Arabella email – mistressarabella.uk@gmail.com

Follow Her on twitter MsArabella2

Visit Her website – www.mistress-arabella.com

To contact Mistress Lola email – mistresslola@hotmail.co.uk

Follow Her on twitter TheMistressLola

Visit Her website www.mistress-lola.com

To contact Mistress Violet email – mistress-violet@outlook.com

Follow Her on twitter for regular updates – mistressviolet1

Mistress Violet tours NYVisit Her website mistress-violet.com