Aug 312015

Tantilising Tuesday with Manchester Mistress Darcey – Tomorrow is the first day of the working week. Tomorrow is the day you go back to your worship, servitude and subsequent punishments.

Mistress Darcey has had a busy weekend, starting with kidnap and ending with a good old fashioned caning.


If you are still too weak or frightened to enter Her chambers you can serve Mistress Darcey‘s world in many other ways, you can entertain Her with your pathetic little needs on NITEFLIRT or session with Her webcam. If you arent afraid you should be, if you arent weaked, you certain will be after surviving Her intelligence and swift skill to open up your filthy mind.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 01.03.40

Mistress Darcey recieves many gifts on a daily basis, to become one of Her lucky subs or even slaves, purchase Her gifts from Her amazon wishlist, peruse the corsets, stockings and crops and make an application for strict training to Her email below.


Contact with respect on any of the following:

@MistressDarcey / / 07955330966

Aug 312015

Birthday Fun with Mistress Electra and Mistress Coco Noir


Mistress Coco celebrated Her birthday last Saturday and Mistress Electra celebrates Hers this Thursday! (We expect you to arrive ladend with gifts haha!)

As We are both in good moods we have decided to treat Our sluts to some special treats!

We’ve had such fun this afternoon planning a Double Domme Kidnap Session we have decided to give more of you slaves the opportunity to be kidnapped and confined by Us both and have reduced Our normal tribute, contact either Mistress respectfully to discuss!

As we enjoy Our double sessions so much we again we have an awesome special offer on Our double sessions, contact either Mistress respectfully to discuss.

Mistress Coco Noir & Mistress Electra

Mistress Coco Noir 07944746241

Mistress Electra 07549859684

Aug 282015

Good evening worms,

the chambers will be open on bank holiday Monday. Myself  and Ms Coco Noir will be celebrating our birthdays this week and mine next week. So we are are  going to let you slaves join in our birthday celebrations. We will be doubling up on Monday and offering you lucky slaves the chance to serve us both for a fraction of the normal fee. Thursday is My birthday and yes I will be working as some of My loyal subs want to come in and serve Me. Let’s just hope they don’t forget My card or they may just get a stroke of the cane for every year since I was born. :) if they happen to fetch a gift with them also I may be nice to them lol. I will only be in the chambers till the 9th and then I am away until the 16th Mistress will be going to enjoy her birthday celebrations with some sun sea sand and sangria. To book a session or enquire about the double sessions. call Me respectfully on the numbers below 


Mistress Electra x    07549859684.      07821475211.







Aug 272015

Last weeks photoshoot – Femdom vintage Lovers beware!

Last week saw Mistress Darcey, Electra and Coco Noir take part in a photoshoot at The Chambers. Lots of latex and suspenders, if only we had someone brave enough to have had been a spanking model for the afternoon!


For you worms who love the finer things in life, the many vintage perverts out there who, when feeling hot under the collar google Bettie Page instead of Caprice, Mistress Darcey, is your new addiction. A lover a long leather gloves and seamed nylon stockings, She may look petite and innocent but She cracks a bullwhip in a way which would make Eric Stanton himself blush.


For the sissies out there who struggle with their look, Mistress Darcey can make you into the slut you really are by offering you vintage style makeovers, as well as assisting Her with Her own wardrobe. Make-up lessons making you more cheesecake-cunt instead of scary tranny. your transformation starts here, frilly panties and polyester frocks, none of Mistress Darcey’s sissies are not permitted to wear anything other than man-made fabrics, whilst She effortlessly is clad in pure satin, Louboutin heels and Agent Provocateur.


She has few slots remaining for the week, Friday afternoon with possibility of weekend, for those appointments deposit is required to confirm.

Contact Her on:

Mistress Darcey: 07955 330 966


Aug 262015

Late Night ThighBootThursday at The Manchester Chambers

It’s late night ThighBootThursday at The Manchester Chambers with Mistress Electra and Mistress Coco Noir! Who thinks they deserve to come and worship Us? We only have limited appointments still available for the rest of the week and Bank Holiday Monday due to the amazing Double Domme offer We have of £240 for a full hour or £130 for a 30 minute taster session for those who aren’t brave enough or think they would last a full hour with Us both. Contact either Mistress Electra or Mistress Coco respectfully to arrange a session.

The Manchester Chambers Mistresses would like to welcome Our stunning new Trainee Mistress Maya who is available for training sessions with Myself Mistress Electra, contact Me respectfully if you wish to arrange a session.Manchester Mistress Maya

Mistress Lola Ruin is now available for on the day appointments on Wednesdays as well as advance appointments and Double Domme sessions, contact Her respectfully to arrange a session.

Mistress Darcy will be available in the Chambers for on the day appointments on Friday as well as Her advance appointments and Double Domme sessions, contact Her respectfully to arrange a session.

Mistress Electra & Mistress Coco Noir x


Mistress Electra & Mistress Maya: 07549 859 684

Mistress Coco Noir: 07944746241

Mistress Lola Ruin: 07527 655 302

Mistress Darcy: 07955 330 966


Aug 252015


It’s Here Again #WickedWednesday With Mistresses Electra and Coco Noir

It’s #WickedWednesday with Mistresses Electra and Coco Noir at The Manchester Chambers and you know what that means don’t you? Of course you do, it means Mistress Electra and Mistress Coco Noir are feeling particularly devilish and want a full day of torment and entertainment! For the limited slots We have still available We are offering a full hour with both Mistress Electra and Mistress Coco Noir for the unbelievebly generous tribute of £240!

For those who aren’t brave enough or feel able to handle a full hour with both Mistresses, We are offering 30 minute Double Domme sessions for the amazing tribute of £130!

If you would like to book a session contact either Mistress respectfully using the methods below.

Mistress Coco & Mistress Electra x

Mistress Electra 07821475211

Mistress Coco 07944746241


Aug 242015

Mistress Coco Noirs Birthday

Mistress Coco Noir

It’s Mistress Coco Noirs birthday on Saturday!

I expect to see all My bitches at The Manchester Chambers this week with their arms ladend with birthday gifts for Me! Click the link for My Amazon Gift List

I will be available for super special birthday sessions Monday to Friday this week but I will not be sessioning over the weekend, so make sure you come to serve and honour your Goddess during this week, you don’t want to annoy your Mistress by missing My birthday now do you?

To book a session contact Me respectfully using the methods below.

Mistress Coco Noir x


Mistress Coco Noir


Aug 232015

Mistress Electra and Mistress Coco Noirs Availability This Week will be increased giving you all extra time to come worship, bring gifts and pay hommage to your Goddesses before Our birthdays and holidays!

The Manchester Chambers this week will be opening late night until 9pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday! Sessions will be available Wednesday and Friday until 6pm.

Double Domme sessions with Mistress Electra and Mistress Coco Noir are available on Tuesday for the amazing tribute of only £240!

Mistress Coco Noir will not be taking any weekend bookings this week as its Her Birthday and will be busy being thoroughly spoilt! 

If you wish to book a session or discuss Our availability outside of these hours contact Us respectfully on the numbers below.

Mistress Coco Noir x


Mistress Coco Noir

Mistress Electra x


Mistress Electra


Aug 232015

Good afternoon worms.

I am in the chambers all week. This week the chambers are open late tomorrow and Tuesday and Thursday. I still have appointments available. Tuesday is double delights with Myself and Ms Coco Noir.  To book a sessions call Me respectfully on the number below 

Mistress Electra x. 

07821 475211

07549 859684






Aug 182015

It’s Wicked Wednesday with Mistress Electra and Mistress Coco Noir!

Who’s brave enough to be tested to their limits by two beautifully evil Mistresses? We love to indulge in Our pleasure of causing and witnessing sluts in physical and psychological pain and discomfort, all for our amusement….and boy we do find it a joy!

We were born only a few days apart and have very similar personalities and sadistic tastes, there’s nothing We love more than egging each other on and sharing Our joy of terrorising worms! We enjoy working together so much we are continuing to offer Our Double Domme discounted rate of £240!

If you wish to experience two Mistresses who clearly love their job and  intimidating pathetic bitches, contact Us respectfully using the methods below.

Mistress Coco Noir x


Mistress Electra

Mistress Electra



Mistress Coco Noir

Mistress Coco Noir