Jul 092015

Good Evening. 

I am available for sessions tomorrow and Saturday at the chambers.  And I am available Monday to Saturday every week. Next week Myself and Mistress Arabella will be available till late evening and offering a discount on Double sessions. Also next week I’m feeling rather nice so have decided for all new clients or clients who have not visited the chambers for a while. I have decided to reduce the hourly rate for next week Only back to the tribute it was when I first became a Mistress many many moons ago. On hourly rates only . The week after I will have a treat in store for My regular subs. So don’t worry if you visit regular I’m not forgetting My loyal subs :) .  Anyone wanting to book a session call Me respectfully on the numbers below. Anyone wanting overnight or kidnaps and prolonged sessions. Please email for further details. 


Mistress Electra x. 



07821 475211

07549 859684


Manchester Mistress Electra

Manchester Mistress Electra



Jun 282015

Good evening little worms. 

I will be available for you to serve Me this week Monday to Saturday. This week I am feeling generous so will be offering specials on Double Domme sessions with Mistress Arabella if any of you are brave enough to serve two of Manchester’s finest Mistresses. You tell tell the warm weather is here as the kidnap sessions are getting busier for us both. We will also have our trainee with Us a few days this week to work along side Us. I will also be offering some specials on solo sessions for all you that have not had the balls to come and serve Me yet or leave years between you’re sessions with Me. But you will all have to phone and book to to find out what the specials are. This week I have had a few texts from subs wanting Me to call them has they have no credit so just a mental note for you to make if you can’t afford to call Me it is very unlikely you can afford to session with a Mistress. Also I do not take booking from unknown numbers. To book a session call Me respectfully on the numbers below.

Mistress Electra X

   Www.mistress-Electra.com.    Mistress-electra@hotmail.com.   

07821 475211.          07549 859684imageimage

Jun 242015

Good afternoon subservients,

I am available for sessions tomorrow Friday and Saturday this week. I am also available Monday to Saturday every other week. I have a new toy to test out this week :) my new electrics have arrived !! Am so looking forward to testing them out. I cover all aspects of Domination from tied & teased foot worship’ and tickle torture  to the more painful enjoyment a like corporal punishment ‘ball busting’ electro play ‘ there isn’t very much I don’t enjoy torturing and teasing  My submissives with. I also offer prolonged sessions and over night sessions. Double Domme with Mistress Arabella.  I also have a trainee available to participate in sessions for more information give Me a call  kidnap scenarios also available  To book a session call respectfully on the numbers below.

Mistress Electra x

Mistress-Electra@hotmail.com.  07821475211.  07549859684  Www.mistress-Electra.com.  20150608_160545

Jun 232015

Manchester Mistress Coco Noir Arrives at The Manchester Chambers

Good evening,

Manchester Mistress Ms Coco NoirI’m Manchester Mistress Coco the newest member of Manchester’s finest Chambers. I am now available for sessions 7 days a week, weekend sessions are available by prior arrangement only. The only question is are you brave enough to book?

Visit my website http://manchestermistressnoir.com to see my most recent delicious photoshoot, with more fabulous pictures due in the next few weeks, keep posted for updates.

To book a session visit;
07944 746241

Ms C x

Jun 092015

As Usual Tuesdays are very popular days here at the Manchester Chambers and Today is no exception Miss Ruby shall be available for Domme and Sub Sessions today till 5pm if you are lucky enough to catch her free then it will most definitely be a session you wont forget. Or maybe you are Brave enough to Take on 2 Of the most beautiful Dominas in the Land Call to see you is available today to Double your delights

Contact Her direct  on 07899482984


Jun 022015

Good evening, 

Tuesday is Double Trouble with Myself and the stunning Mistress Arabella. We will be offering Double Domme sessions and the first submissive to book will get a little surprise and the last double Domme booking will bite off a little more than they can chew, but only Myself and Mistress Arabella will know which one is which. You will be left wondering till the end of you’re session. We are also doing a late night tomorrow evening but if you require a late evening booking please book as early as possible as evenings can be quite busy at the Manchester Chambers.  We will also be doing solo sessions for the subs that can’t handle two of the finest Mistresses in the north west at once.  Also available to use now is our new jail cell I will post some pictures on our next blog. We cover all aspects of domination aswell as overnight sessions and kidnap scenarios. 

Mistress. Electra x  . 07821475211.  

Www.mistress-Electra.com.   07549859684.  

Www.mistress-Arabella.com.   07983851913MI-0001-600.jpg










May 262015

Good evening,

just a quick blog to let all you submissives know what’s happening at the Manchester Chambers. This week and in  the future. I am available for sessions 7 days a week Saturdays and Sundays you do need to ring and book in advance. Saturdays you need to give at least a hours notice. Sundays are by prior booking Only and I will not book a appointment for  you on Sundays unless you have sessioned with Me previously.  Thursdays Myself and My Partner in Crime. The stunning Mistress Arabella will be working till late . We will also be offering Discounts on Double Domme  Let’s see how many of you sub’s are brave enough to take on the pair of Us !!! Two stunning Mistress that like to Tease, Torture and Humiliate aswell has f**king with you’re head and leaving you exhausted but exhilarated. To book a session call Me direct or Mistress Arabella on the numbers below.  


Mistress Electra x



Mistress Electra.  07821475211. Or. 07549859684 

Mistress Arabella.  07983851913.    

Manchester Mistress Electra

Manchester Mistress Electra







May 222015

Double Delight with Mistress Arabella and Mistress Electra

at The Manchester Chambers

MISTRESS ARABELLA THE MANCHESTER MISTRESSSo another week flown by this week at The Manchester Chambers, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. For some reason I seem to feel more mischevious on a friday, frustrating fun fridays, well fun for me and frustrating for you.

Mistress Electra and I, Mistress Arabella, for one day only that being today, want to cause a real stir in The Manchester Chambers and see how many slaves we can get in, in one day, so we have conjured up a plan. We want to keep you here as long as possible throughout the day and play lots of head F##k games.  Now, the first slave to arrive shall be rewarded and the last slave will pay a heavy penance…Neither which will know who arrived first or last until the end.

MANCHESTER MISTRESS ISISMistress Arabella and Mistress Electra both love to play games at The Manchester Chambers and we want to play them with you right NOW…..Cuffed and blindfolded who knows which room of fun you will be lead to. Could it be a thorough medical examination in our fully equipped Medical Room or maybe you need bending over our spanking bench in our very authentic Domestic/School Room or how about being lead to one of our fully equipped dungeons for some tantalising terror, either way you wont leave disappointed and you will be begging to come back and serve.

Mistress Arabella and Mistress Electra are available from 10.30am until 5pm only. Who will be first.

Mistress Arabella




07983 851 913

May 202015

Good evening subservients.

I will be gracing you with My presence at the Manchester Chambers Tomorrow sessions are available for all you’re kinky fetishes. I am also available this Friday and Myself and Mistress Arabella will be offering up some delicious Double Domme sessions to book a session call Me on the number below. I am also available Saturdays and other days  by prior booking please don’t wait till last thing on the day to make a booking especially Saturdays as unless there is clients booked in Saturdays I am not always at the chambers. 


Mistress Electra x.        



07821475211. Or. 07549859684

imageManchester Mistress Electra