Oct 162014

Good evening.

well what a busy week at the chambers. It’s been like  Piccadilly train station as one sub left another arrived. From foot worship to tied & teased and denial. Wrestling ‘ ball busting  and needle play  it’s been a fun filled week. I am back in the chambers tomorrow for another fun filled day of fetish fun. There are still appointments available tomorrow and as it has been such a fun filled week I am offering discounts for tomorrow’s appointments . Discounts apply for hourly appointments and multiple hours Only . To book a session call Me direct on the number below .


Mistress Isis x. 07821 475 211  www.mistress-isis.com. Mistress-isis@hotmail.co.uk 

kidnap sessions are also available by prior booking  07821 475 211


Oct 162014

Hello all,

So I haven’t blogged in a while as I have been under the weather the past few weeks. Luckily I am now back to full health, just in time for My birthday!

Manchester Mistress Lola and Manchester Mistess Violet

No, I didn’t suffer a 2 week hangover from The Manchester Chambers night out, although I am sure all those tequilas didn’t help… :)

I am going to celebrate by having a small fetish party with my nearest and dearest kinky friends… as you can imagine I am very excited (and if you are lucky I may share some pictures with you next week…)

Should you wish to send Me a birthday gift, then you can easily choose something from My amazon wishlist here…

Mistress Lola’s Amazon Wishlist

… My own gift to Myself has already arrived- a beautiful custom dress from the amazing House of Harlot. I will no doubt be getting some professional shots taken soon, so until then these blurry selfies will have to do!

Manchester Mistress Lola House of Harlot LatexManchester Mistress Lola House of Harlot LatexManchester Mistress Lola House of Harlot Latex

Now that I am well again everything will return to normal and I will be available for sessions, webcam and custom clips again from next week… hopefully I will be seeing and tormenting a fair few of you soon!

Until next time,


Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Lola Ruin
London Dominatrix Mistress Lola Ruin

Oct 082014
Mistress Violet Is Available with Trainee

Mistress Violet Is Available with Trainee

Mistress Violet Is Available with Trainee

Hello slaves, subs and general perverts! You’re in luck, Mistress Violet Is Available with Trainee, a brand new Mistress in training, if you  like humiliation the is the perfect opportunity for you. Having fresh alluring eyes watching over you, laughing along with Me as I cruelly torment you for Our entertainment. You will be paraded around in front of both Myself and My Trainee and ordered to do tasks that are suitable only for a slave, tasks that are set to embarrass and humiliate you solely for Our pleasure. Endure such tasks and you MIGHT be rewarded for your efforts, fail and squirm as We punish you for it.

For you sissy sluts in training there’s two cocks to be sucked and you’re to be on your knees waiting and anticipating to be forced from one to another, used and abused to your full potential, all to have Us say to you that you’ve been a good slut and you’ve earned the right to wear that pretty dress you have on!

The beautiful Trainee will accompany Me into some of My sessions, an intoxicating mix not to be missed for sessions including tie and tease and tease and denial, twice as much teasing and twice as much fun! Two twisted minds to play with your mind and take you to another level.

Mistress Violet Available with Trainee As of tomorrow Thursday the 9th of October – there’s lots of trouble and fun to be had with Us both.

My general availability for next week is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. To contact Me about My availability with Myself alone or with My Trainee you can do so in the following ways.

Call Me respectfully on – 07876235506

Email Me at – mistress-violet@outlook.com

Follow Me on Twitter – mistressviolet1

Visit My website – www.mistress-violet.com

Mistress Violet


Oct 072014

Its that time of year again!

The weather has turned and everyone is feeling a little bit fed up.

I know it crept up on Me a few days ago when the rain arrived.

Thankfully I have plenty of bottoms to cane and slaves to worship Me during the colder months to cheer Me up!

The dungeon is warm and My flogger, cane and implements of torture are at the ready.

What more could a slave ask for?!

So why not beat those winter blues by receiving your very own winter ‘black and blues’ bottom ;) lol

It’ll entertain Me, I’m not too bothered how you feel about it though.

I am available with minimum 4 hours notice Mon to Fri every week. The more notice the better.


Tel : 07840 356 883

E-mail : MistressMadox@gmail.com

Website : www.mistressmadox.co.uk

Sep 302014

Good evening.

I am available for sessions all this week. I cover all aspects of domination, foot fetish, cbt, corporal punishment, needle play, tied & teased,  medical play,to name a few I also offer kidnap sessions if  you’re fetish isn’t listed please contact Me to enquire to book a session call Me respectfully on the number below


Mistress Isis x. 07821 475 211.  Www.mistress-isis.com.   mistress-isis@hotmail.co.uk imageimage

Sep 162014

Hello all,

I recently had a very interesting BDSM roleplay session here at The Manchester Chambers with a new subbie. The premise of the roleplay was that the current government had deemed those who have kink and BDSM related fantasies as ‘perverts’. In order to better society, they were ordered to see specially designated therapists for corporal punishment to try and cure them of their depraved proclivities.

Manchester Mistress Lola Therapist Outfit

Therapist Lola will cure you of your depraved predilections…

The session was great fun (I especially love these kind of authoritarian roleplays) and after the session My sub and I began chatting about the overlap between therapy and BDSM, and how therapeutic play can be.

For many of My subs/slaves/personal friends and I am sure many of you blog readers, this may strike a chord. Admittedly for some people kink is just a bit of fun, but for others it can be an intense, basic need that has to be fulfilled. A psychological itch that feels incredibly freeing to scratch.

The film ‘Secretary’ beautifully captures this notion of how liberating BDSM can be when practised with a trusted partner. I don’t wish to ruin the story for you, and instead I urge you to go and watch it yourself… it is most certainly one of My favourite films.

Secretary Movie Poster

Worth watching for the spanking scene alone…

Whether play serves simply to spice things up or to re-frame trauma as a positive experience, recent research seems to dispels the historical myth that BDSM participants and kinksters are ‘unstable deviants’… turns out that W/we tend to be much more mentally healthy than your average ‘nilla.

NHS: Fans of Bondage and S&M report better Mental Health

Personally I believe that many of My submissives receive something from their time with Me which goes beyond the physical realm and crosses over into the psychological, giving them a release that vanilla experiences don’t even touch upon, and with that I’ll leave you with this image…

Dominatrix - What People Think I Do

Until next time,

Mistress Lola

Manchester Dominatrix Mistress Lola
London Dominatrix Mistress Lola

Sep 072014

Hello bitches, I’m back in the Manchester Chambers and ready for you to submit to My unyielding demands.  I’m not satisfied until you give yourself completely to Me in a session. I expect impeccable manners and respect from all submissives.


If you want to know more about the interests I have you can look under the sessions tab on My website.

Alternatively you can have a read through the testimonials and blog on My website to see what kinds of sessions appeal.  (I no longer offer wrestling)

So what are you waiting for you snivelling insignificant worm? Make your application today to see if I consider you worthy of service let alone My time.

My hours are now:

Tues 12-6pm
Weds 12-6pm
Thurs 12-6pm
Fri 12-6pm

Mistress Madox

E-mail : MistressMadox@gmail.com
Website : www.mistressmadox.co.uk

Mistress madox side

Aug 292014

Good afternoon.

just a quick reminder that the chambers are open tomorrow. I will be available for sessions from 10.30 am  if you require a evening appointment please book before 5pm. Because Mistress is going out for Birthday drinks :) . I am available for sessions every Friday and Saturday for last minute bookings. And any other days by prior appointment. To book a session call  Me respectfully on the number below.

Mistress Isis x 07821 475 211  www.mistress-isis.com. Mistress-isis@hotmail.co.uk 



Aug 282014

Come and see Mistress Violets Dirty Whore

Come and see Mistress Violets Dirty Whore

Come and see Mistress Violets Dirty Whore

So you would like to Come and see Mistress Violets Dirty Whore would you? She is a highly experienced come swallowing slut and is here to serve me on the 4th of September. You fancy a splash and dash and you’re dying to be relieved under my instruction, i can see it in your face, you’re feeling of uncertainty and yet longing to have your pathetic little cock pleasured by Vanessa the slut.

I’m going to make you feel unbelievably used for my entertainment, i’m going to torment you and laugh as i watch over you getting sucked by my cheap slut. I want to watch you as you enter the room, serve your purpose and then leave, no hanging about, in and out, get a quick thrill and then leave. Well, i’ve had my fun with you now haven’t i?

You dirty little perverts should feel very privileged that I’ve allowed you this opportunity to Come and see Mistress Violets Dirty Whore and use her for your filthy fantasies now shouldn’t you?

Perhaps you can be watched by Me and another Mistress and entertain several of us as we humiliate you and force you to have your pathetic little pindick sucked.

When you Come and see Mistress Violets Dirty Whore you can simply book on the day with ease. This is not a full session and as a result is charged at a different rate. Please contact me for further details regarding this in the following ways.

Call Me respectfully – 07876235506

Alternatively you can email Me – mistress-violet@outlook.com

Follow Me on twitter for more regular updates, pictures and availabilty – mistressviolet1

Visit My website for a full gallery, session list, and profile www.mistress-violet.com

Current availability is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Mistress Violet


Aug 232014

Good evening slaves,sluts and sissy’s

I am at the Manchester Chambers tomorrow and for the next few week will be offering specials on sessions. So any of you subs that are feeling the credit crunch can still come and session. And for all you subs who have never had a  session with Me now is you’re  chance to come and serve a well established Manchester Mistress. I cover all aspects of Domination from sissy’s foot fetish tied & teased. Medical sessions cp cbt, the lists goes on. I also offer kidnap sessions and Double Domme sessions for more details drop Me a email or give Me a call as I have to many interests in the scene to list. I am available 7 days a week but am in the chambers for last minute bookings Fridays and Saturdays. If you’re requiring a evening session please book before 5pm on the day you require a session

Mistress Isis x

To book a session call Me respectfully on 07821 475 211 mistress-isis@hotmail.co.uk  www.mistress-isis.com