Apr 152015

Hello Pervs, Kinks and Sissys, I have been away on a fabulous holiday down south and i feel refreshed and ready to play. I also have a new number as it seem i have had my current one for such a long time that Vodafone has disconnected it, much to my disappointment as i know how much you all like to call and hear my sexy sultry tone.

Good News is i have a brand spanking new number but it needs topping up so please send ruby your generous vodafone top-ups to this number 07899482984

Or if you are feeling like you need some Ruby in your Life this week i am taking weekend Bookings so call me or email me direct to make your booking.




Mar 292015

I will be available for Mistress and Submissive Sessions this week on the following Days

Monday Evening 6pm-9pm

Wednesday 11am-2pm/5pm-9pm

Friday 12pm-9pm

Bookings Must be Made in Advance but please cal77049_303473123087070_906644071_nl to check for on the day booking availability as you may just catch me in a good mood

I DO NOT answer withheld numbers or do i reply to txt messages.

Miss Ruby



Mar 192015

Yes You Heard Right and the Rumours are True Miss Ruby is back in a more curvaceous and Busty form of Beauty.

I shall be taking bookings from next week and shall be available all Day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Saturday (by appointment only)

I can provide cheeky submissive services with a spankable bottom to admire or i can be that extra naughty slave to accompany your session with one of out many stunning Mistresses just request me with your chosen Mistress.

 Maybe you want Miss Ruby Rage to Dominate and Dictate to you as i can also be very tormenting and unforgiving in all aspects of Kink.

Contact Me Direct or Request Me Respectfully Through your Mistress

I Look Forward to Meeting You Soon


Miss Ruby


Feb 182015

Filming Slave Required For New Clip Store

A Filming Slave Required For New Clip Store. I will be opening My new clip store very soon and I am looking for a filming slave with a broad spectrum of interests to join Me in My latest adventure. If you wish to apply you need to do so by email mistress-violet@outlook.com and this should include:

  • Session interests
  • Days and times you are available to participate in filming
  • Any previous experience you have had filming / sessioning
  • Hard limits
  • medical conditions
Filming Slave Required For New Clip Store

Filming Slave Required For New Clip Store

I am looking for a slave with an open mind, someone who is reliable and easy to work alongside (you may end up spending countless hours in My company, lucky you.) I am Not interested in someone who instantly thinks these sessions will be free. I can tell you that there is a small fee but it is a massive reduction on My standard session tribute.

My preferred day for filming will be Monday. I can however be flexible and I will be filming on the occassional weekend. More specifically, a Saturday.

I do already have a lot of interest for My clips including slaves asking for custom clips so I am hoping to get through applications as quickly as possible to ensure clips are available in the near future.

I am also looking for tributes for more equipment from My amazon wishlist. You can do this by sending giftcards directly to My email mistress-violet@outlook.com  I will be grateful for any contribution from My loyal submissives and slaves.

Interviews will be held in the next couple of weeks so I do suggest that you contact Me promptly, I am hopng that when you arrive, you come full of ideas and get in touch with your creative side. I look forward to hearing from you.

For more information, full session list and My personal blog, visit – www.mistress-violet.com

Mistress Violet


Feb 162015

Sweet and Sadistic Mistress Violet

Sweet and Sadistic Mistress Violet is here to warn you. Do not underestimate the power I have over you. Do not think that because I smile sweetly that I will allow you mercy. You wanted a no safe word session with Me didn’t you slave? You say that in fifteen years you have managed to worm your way out of being fed.

Sweet and Sadistic Mistress Violet

Sweet and Sadistic Mistress Violet

Not today. Not with Me. Sign your life away slave and be prepared to devour My divine caviar. You may beg, you may cry or maybe even be a little sick.  This just adds to My pleasure. I told you I will not free you until you have pleased Me. You are here for Me.

Please Mistress, please no more Mistress. Sweet and Sadistic Mistress Violet will only laugh, hitting your pathetic cock with My crop. Which will it be? Swallow it or I will continue. I will push My heel into your balls and your cock and I will make you want to consume My caviar properly. You see the choice is much more simple than you think.

Slave thought that deciding against electrics he would manage to escape his torture. Not with Sweet and Sadistic Mistress Violet. I will simply find another way to inflict pain on you. Electrics are the least of your worries.

When all is said and done, you will thank Me. You will be grateful. After all, you may not be happy during My moment of cruelty but you will leave feel satisfied that you have done your best to impress Me. You will leave feeling satisfied that you did what you have never done before.

To contact Sweet and Sadistic Mistress Violet for a session, you can do so in the following ways:

Call respectfully – 07876235506

Email (preferred) – mistress-violet@outlook.com

Visit My website – www.mistress-violet.com

Mistress Violet


Feb 122015

Good morning  subservients.

Are you ready to enter My wicked and wonderful world of domination.

who needs 50 shades of grey when you can come and play in a real fully equipped  red room  of pain and pleasure !!

I will be in the chambers today’ Friday and available Saturday by prior bookings only as it’s valentines day and Mistress deserves pampering and spoiling. Anyone wishing to spoil Me for valentines you will find My amazon gift list using My email address below.

If you wish to book a session call Me respectfully on My mobile

Mistress Electra x 07549 859 684 or 07821475211

www.mistress-Electra.com.  Mistress-electra@hotmail.com



Feb 042015

New Shoes For You Louboutin Lovers To Worship

As many of you know, i recently took a trip to New york and whilst I was there I got some New Shoes For You Louboutin Lovers To Worship. So after spending some time with a new shoe lover over in New york, he begged to see My sexy, sky high Louboutins. Of course, as far as shoes are concerned I do not need an excuse to put them on. I looked at him, pointed to the floor. He instantly dropped  to his knees.

‘Clean them’ I ordered… he bagan to shine My patent beauties, licking his way from the platform, up the arch and then sucking the long, sexy heel. ‘What about My filthy soles?’ With a look of love in his eyes, he obliged and began to lick all of the pavement scum from My hot red soles.

Once he had successfully cleaned every spec of dirt, I felt he deserved a little treat. I slid off My shoe, and placed it over his nose and mouth, using a small rope, i attached it securely to his face, allowing him to breathe in an intoxicating mixed scent of exquisite leather and Mistresses hot sweat.

‘Mistress, may I have the priviledge of taking you to the store on Madison Avenue and purchase you some brand new Louboutins?’ So you can only guess where we were heading next. Instantly when I walk through the door My eyes light up, there is nothing I love more. Hours of carefully examining each shoe, I finally walked out with My New Shoes For You Louboutin Lovers To Worship.

It didn’t stop there. Many of My slaves will know I am extremely spoiled and they often compete for My attention. So upon returning home, I was welcomed to a hand delivered box. After dismissing him, I unwrapped My gift and instantly recognised the box. I’m sure you don’t need to guesswhat it was… New Shoes For You Louboutin Lovers To Worship! I’m sure you’ll all be lining up hoping for Me to allow you to kiss My shoes.

New Shoes For You Louboutin Lovers To Worship

New Shoes For You Louboutin Lovers To Worship

Manchester Mistress Violet

Manchester Mistress Violet

New Shoes For You Louboutin Lovers To Worship

New Shoes For You Louboutin Lovers To Worship

Manchester Mistress Violet

Manchester Mistress Violet

New Shoes For You Louboutin Lovers To Worship

New Shoes For You Louboutin Lovers To Worship


To contact me for a real time session you can do so in the following ways

Call Me respectfully – 07876235506

Email Me – mistress-violet@outlook.com

Follow Me on twitter – mistressviolet1

Visit My website – www.mistress-violet.com

Available at the Manchester Chambers


Mistress Violet


Jan 182015

Good evening subservients. 

Welcome to the wonderful and wicked world of mine.  I am available this week for sessions every day apart from Friday.  I can only do evenings on Friday. Last week was lots of fun and very messy. On. Tuesday evening I visited a new client at a Manchester hotel for a outcall. A very small bathroom and lots of eggs custard milk cheese cake amongst other foods and brown and red sauce. Yes I did a sploshing session in a hotel lol. Glad I didn’t have to clean up the mess but the poor sub did. !!! But he must have enjoyed his first sploshing  session as he is travelling back up from London this week for another one. I cover all aspects of domination from the lighter fetishes to the more extreme. I am very versatile so if you enjoy playing naughty school boy in the school room. Or need your annual medical in the fully equipped medical room. Or a full range of activities in the chambers rooms. Then call Me respectfully on the number below. If you have any questions with regards to the kidnap sessions please email Me.


Mistress Electra x.    07549859684.  



Jan 132015
Classy, confident & calm!
I’m 24 years old and a natural redhead.
During a session, I’m not into the ‘dirty talk’ – if thats what you’re looking for, then I’m not for you.
My style is rather quiet, I prefer to get into the mind of the person beneath me and gain a mutual, unspoken understanding of their needs and desires during BDSM play.
Mistress ZaraDuRose the Manchester MistressI am interested in the following activities:
- Ball Busting
- Human Ashtray
- Smoking Fetish
- Corporal Punishment
- Boot/Foot Worship
- Leg/Stocking Worship
- Spitting
- Slapping
- Face Sitting (clothed)
- Financial Domination
- Role Play
- Spanking
- Flogging
- Bondage
- Caning
- Electro Play
- Latex
- Corsets
- Wax Play
- Anal Play
As well as many more….
I DO NOT offer – blood play & hard sports, oral, or sex. The furthest I will go to is gloved hand relief, ONLY if I can use it as part of a session, not just because you want to get off.
I have a HUGE collection of latex clothing, corsets & fetish heels that I enjoy wearing, so of course I’ll dress the part as well. If there is a specific style of clothing you are after for the session, let me know & if it’s not already in my wardrobe I may be able to get hold of it.
Latex and shoes are both a fetish of mine, so obviously I know how to wear it well!!
Why book me?
Well, aside from actually being able to hold down a proper conversation, I’m passionate, witty and know a hell of a lot about what I do. 8 years may not sound like a lot to some, but trust me, I spend 90% of my time thinking through BDSM situations and I know my way around the tools that I use.
And yes, I am a natural redhead, I know there’s a few of you fetishists out there, so make the most of it!

Tel : 07879 463 184

Jan 122015

Available at the Manchester Chambers tomorrow

After My relaxing weekend off I am feeling refreshed and ready to get back to punishing all you miscreants again, I am Available at the Manchester Chambers tomorrow. I have a few last minute bookings still available so if you have been up to no good, come and confess all your wrong doings and let Mistress Violet correct your behaviour.

This week will be your last chance to session with Me intil February as I am travelling to New York taking My expertise over to America. Next stop World domination hahaha!

I am Available at the Manchester Chambers tomorrow and Thursday.

To arrange a session with Me you may contact Me respectfully in the following ways:

Call Me – 07876235506

Email Me (preferred method and quickest way to get a response) – mistress-violet@outlook.com

Visit My website for a full session list, galleries, wish list and more blogs – www.mistress-violet.com

Follow Me on twitter mistressviolet1

Available at the Manchester Chambers tomorrow

Available at the Manchester Chambers tomorrow

Mistress Violet